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Live Project - Fitness and the home

A one week project where I had to create a home product that can enhance fitness. The requirements of the brief were to use a brand as an inspiration and to create a product solution to address some of the problems that people face when exercising at home. the clean and minimalistic Apple bench pro aims to provide a seamless home training experience by turning industrial-looking machinery into high-end furniture.

Apple Bench Pro - Design Proposal

Apple bench pro is essentially a high tech gym bench with an integrated cable machine. The specific combination was chosen because the cables are very versatile and allow to train a range of upper and lower muscles, whilst a gym bench was added to allow working out from standing and lying positions. The cables work with resistance instead of weights. This allows the product to be lighter and smaller in size. The range of resistance levels is particularly useful for households, where family members of different ages and capabilities can exercise using the same equipment.

Sherlock - Encouraging the use of cycles by reducing bike theft

Cycle theft jeopardises efforts to increase the use of cycles in an attempt to reduce automobile dependency in urban settings. People are not encouraged to give up on automobiles as bicycles are the number one stolen means of transport. Even when cycles are locked, thieves usually find a way to steal removable parts such as the wheels, the saddle and accessories (pumps, lights), or even violate the lock.
Sherlock is an IoT solution that aims to prevent bike theft by allowing the continuous monitoring of the bike as well as by integrating removable parts onto the saddle and lock.

Sherlock - Prototype and Storyboard

Sherlock allows users to safely lock their bicycles anywhere, anytime. It resists and prevents bicycle thefts while allowing users to monitor the safety and location of their cycle at all times through their smartphone. A vibration sensor is used to detect when a bike is being disturbed. Sherlock immediately alerts the user on his smartphone. A dual-locking mechanism and alarm are integrated to further improve the security of the Sherlock lock.

Sherlock - Prototype

George Scottis

I am a curious, adaptive and dedicated product designer with a year-long placement experience in a diverse consultancy setting. I enjoy creating desirable and meaningful experiences that satisfy user needs. Excited about overcoming unique challenges, I aim to produce innovative, attractive but yet manufacturable solutions that have a lasting impact.

From my experience in a consultancy, I leant how to rapidly generate and transform ideas on paper and on CAD while working efficiently to meet short deadlines. I would like to further my experience and apply what I have learnt by working in either a consultancy or an in-house design team in a company with vision and purpose.

Final year project

Moduspar - Enhancing the MMA training experience at home


4th place - CyEC 2020 (Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition)
Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards - Highest International Mark in A-level Fine Art

Work Experience

I have completed my placement year as a Product Designer at FSW Design Ltd, a design consultancy in Nottingham, where I received substantial hands-on experience across the whole design cycle. I took my own projects from research and ideation to market, whilst supporting and getting involved in more than 20 projects in total. I collaborated with a team of talented designers to develop “concept packs” for high profile clients such as Record Power, Trojan Services and Heineken. Working for FSW allowed me to understand and consider the limitations of manufacture, particularly in plastics, early in the process.

During my final year of university, I worked part-time as a Freelance Designer in a variety of projects ranging from logo and brand development to app and website wireframing as well as executed design work for an MP campaign.

At the same time, I co-founded a tech start-up related to the food and beverage industry where I worked collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team of six people, achieving 4th place in a national entrepreneurship competition. Having the role of a Product Developer and UI/UX designer I was responsible for improving and designing our service to meet customer expectations. I conducted research and developed high-quality visuals to effectively communicate with the software developers.