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Think! Conscious meat packaging, year 1

Think! packaging is a meat packaging concept designed to reduce supermarket meat consumption over a 12 year period. For the first year, to begin re-sensitising customers to the effects the meat industry has, this sleeve on chicken packaging has a picture of malnourished battery hens and a hard-hitting fact about meat consumption. This combination is designed to make the user think before buying their meat, with the aim of making them return the meat to the shelves.

Think! Conscious meat packaging year 5

5 years after the start of our designed scheme, we will increase the severity of the meat packaging design.
It covers 100% of the meat and does not allow the user to see the products inside. This is designed to prevent the user from seeing an appealing piece of meat and reduce the likelihood of an impulse purchase. The fact and grotesque image still remain.

Think! Conscious meat packaging year 12

After 12 years of our scheme, we made the assumption that all supermarket shopping was performed on a 'scan as you shop' basis from the user's mobile phone. Not only does the packaging limit the user's ability to see the meat, but it forces the user to experience a 30-second alternate reality walkthrough of an abattoir on their phone upon scanning the product. This is designed to ensure that the consumers know how meat is slaughtered.

Recovery+ appearance model

Recovery+ is a leg scanner concept that facilitates faster muscle recovery for professional athletes. The device uses electromyography to scan electronic pulses in the user's leg, the areas where pulses are lower suggests areas of muscle fatigue. The device is linked to an app and sends results to your doctor or physiotherapist.

Turn virtual poker set

Turn is an all in one online poker set concept which allows people to play online poker with physical chips and cards while communicating with their friends using the same device.

George Paxton

I enjoy designing products which fulfil a function and improve the lives of those who use them.

I've always been interested in design, whether creating the best Lego house I could when I was 5, or generating concepts for my final year project. I thoroughly enjoy working through tough design problems with logic and knowledge gained to ensure my products combine innovation, function and aesthetics. My experience of studying abroad and in the UK has helped me develop a plethora of skills essential in the design industry allowing me to conceptualise different projects easily and efficiently to meet important deadlines.

Final year project

Steep. Home Tea Processor


'20 diploma of international studies with a minor in Interactive Environments.

Work Experience

I undertook a 6 months Erasmus+ exchange at TU Delft University in the Netherlands. In Delft I studied as part of the 'Interactive Environments' minor; a multi-disciplinary course that combined engineering, computer science, and fellow design students which helped me develop skills not only in my discipline but these other disciplines too.

Working with KLM Airways, we were tasked with improving the day to day life of those who worked at the head office, and the staff departure lounge. We developed products that spanned our group's disciplines, which we wouldn't have been able to create individually.