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Mawgan Porth 2

200cmx150cm Oil Painting on Fabriano paper, taped to the wall.

Port Isaac 1/4

190x150cm Oil paint on Fabriano paper, taped to the wall.

Port Isaac.

This composition is my final composition for my piece at the degree show. It will be wrapped around the room, covering the walls and overlaid with a colourful grid including the colours I have picked out from this view taken at Port Isaac.

Gemma Austin

I am an abstract landscape artist exploring colour and organisation within personal locations.

The key themes of my practice are: revisiting, organising the landscape, the importance of place and nostalgia. My work is based on revisiting Cornish locations personal to me and how going back, I see the colours and spaces differently as the layers of nostalgia build up. I then organise the landscape and the colours that are in that place using mostly paint but also digital mediums. I wanted my work to be informed by my childhood but not to wholly, explicitly depict it. My aim is to combine my key themes to create a narrative that is personal but also slightly ambiguous. I have chosen to explore these realms due to the fact I want to create work where the viewer feels like they are in/ amongst the landscape and could be drawn to their own childhood, not just be looking at the work.

In September I will be starting my MA in Art Business and I aim to work within the realms of art sales/ exhibition practice in the future.

Final year project

Revisit and Revise

Work Experience

Alongside my degree, I have set up my own business, Gemma Austin Fine Art, in which I have been selling work and creating a range of commissions. These range from, cards, postcards, memorable frames, watercolour and oil paintings and digital pieces.

I have learned I can put myself out there, with the skills I have honed over my time at Loughborough and it pays off.

Alongside my final year, I have worked for the luxury furniture company Loaf. My role includes speaking to customers about potential sales, speaking about the rooms they will be placing the sofas, beds and chairs in and talking through colours and fabrics. My time at Loughborough has really tied in well with my interiors type role. I have also taken this more into my degree, thinking more purposefully about colour choices and the placement of colours in my work.