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Functional Prototype – Final Year Project

A functional prototype of the filter was developed to demonstrate and test the functionality of the design. The insights gathered from this prototype was used to develop the design further. Wastewater from the washing machine enters the filter through the top, and the impeller forces the water through the filter to remove the microplastics before leaving the filter from the side outlet.

Internal Components – Final Year Project

The central cylinder forms the base to which all components connect. The electronics are all enclosed in a sealed compartment at the base of the filter to prevent water intrusion.

App Screens – Final Year Project

An accompanying app can be used to access more features of the filter, such as notifications for maintenance, statistics on the users' microplastic habits and educate them on ways to reduce microplastic pollution.

Gary Guan

I am a diligent designer with an interest in developing user-centred design solutions for product, systems and services.

For my final year project, I looked at solutions which can reduce the microplastic pollution from domestic washing machines. The inspiration for the project came from the increasing microplastic problem which we face in our waterways. I was also involved with a Fixperts project, where I worked in a team of 2 other people to develop a solution to help an elderly user with a leg impairment to load their wheelchair into the car.

As a designer, I am versatile and logical with the ability to quickly learn new skills and adapt to emergent issues. My great communication skills allow me to work well in a team environment, and also to work with users to understand their capabilities and requirements. I strive to use the broad range of skills I have developed through university and placement to develop real meaningful and user-centred products, systems and services in a range of industry sectors.

Final year project

Reducing Microplastic Pollution From Domestic Washing Machines


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
Awarded to students who successfully completed a professional industrial placement.

'18 UXathon - Best Client Relationship Award by HKU MBA
I worked in a team of five designers to collaborate with an enterprising team at Hong Kong University to develop an app.

Work Experience

August '19 - August '20 - Junior user-centred designer

My placement at Canary designs provided me with valuable professional experience of working in a design consultancy. Working alongside the director and senior human factors consultant I worked on a diverse range of projects across multiple industries. As Canary designs is a small consultancy it allowed me to be involved with the design of the marketing material from company brochures, websites and exhibition stands. Through this opportunity, I developed a range of professional skills from report writing and using digital human modelling to managing client expectations. I was privileged to have this experience which has prepared me to work in the human factors and design industry.

October '18 - present

My interest in human factors and ergonomics encouraged me to join the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors back in 2017. Through my continued engagement and passion, I became the project manager for the Pharmaceutical Sector Group. My role includes organising meetings and events, along with producing minutes and quarterly newsletters. This opportunity has allowed me to develop my organisational, time management and communication skills further as I work with many industry professionals.