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The Brenchley Signature Wallpaper

The Brenchley wallpaper significantly outlines the overall concept of the OTF Collection through a traditional toile style. The wallpaper distinctively represents each iconic area of the stupendous grounds, representing the house itself, the impressive archway that greeted you once you arrived, the magnificent trees that took pride in the garden and symbolically the catalpa tree and the weeping willow tree. To obtain the high level of intricacy this design deserves it was individually screen printed, into a half-drop repeat, onto a high-level wallpaper to give that high-end bespoke finish.

Teasle Lattice Block Print

The Teasle block print is an artisanal hand block print featuring beautiful sprigs on a danila white sand linen which accentuates the green individual motifs. This coordinate print works cohesively alongside any statement print within the collection. To mark its recognition within the collection it shall be upholstered on the adjacent side of the three-panel room divider with the signature Antoinette print.


The opulent beauty of the rose garden is projected within this delicate digital print, printed on 100% pure linen. Within the Rosetta design, there is a beautiful mix of large-scale florals in sorbet shades that have been painted effortlessly and this has been translated into a digital design for interior application.

Petite Spring Foliage

The Petite Spring Foliage fabric features small scale, organic watercolours using the signature OTF palette to make a real design statement, with subtle pops of vivid colours. The free-flowing nature of this digital print is embraced with specs of fern, olive and moss green and the cerise abstract shapes blend together to create a truly modern work of art. This foliage print pinpoints the natural flower beds that were scattered across the garden.

Interior Visualisation in A Residential Country Bedroom

To finalise the collection Francesca has composed a series of hand-illustrated visualisations to capture the finesse of her OTF collection. Each visualisation is set to be situated in a countryside house that is both traditional and stylish. However, with the OTF collection installed within the interiors of the house, each fabric and wallpaper bring a new lease of style to a traditional house, with the modern sophisticated colour palette, modern shapes and digitally rendered designs. This specific visualisation of a spare room presents The Trees of Kent wallpaper, the upholstered bed frame in the Rosetta fabric, alongside the Teasle Lattice Block Print lampshade and a bespoke statement cushion print.

Francesca Lang

Printed Textile Designer Francesca, recognised for her organic watercolour washes, refined detail and aesthetically pleasing colour palette, which is encapsulated throughout her prints in the launch of her Old Tong Farm Collection.

Old Tong Farm is a Spring/Summer interior collection that captivates Francesca's personal response to her talented Grandmother's landscape garden located in the picturesque landscape of Kent, which is recognised as "The Garden of England". Francesca's Grandmother, Antoinette, was an incredibly knowledgeable lady with vast amounts of garden design expertise. Francesca has and will always be in absolute awe of Antoinette who defined grace, elegance and managed to stamp her true personality throughout her garden. The sentimental aim was to represent the sheer beauty of the natural British garden and to shine the light on each specific section of the garden, the beauty of the rose garden, the symbolic trees and the iconic swallows and to accurately praise them within each print design. By accomplishing this, Francesca has introduced delicate watercolour designs with contrasting striking screen prints to form the solidarity of the collection. There is a distinctive dominating green colour palette to foreshow the vast escapism of greenery of the Kent countryside. As a whole, The OTF collection has an undeniable sense of optimism which couldn’t be more timely. This project has further heightened Francesca's conquest to be proactively involved in a career that centres around interior design.

Final year project

Old Tong Farm


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
'20 Runner-up in Stubbs and Wootton Bespoke Luxury Slippers Competition
'19 Designs sold internationally for Pattern Textiles
'17 Distinction in Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies

Work Experience

Taylor Howes
Sep 2019 - Oct 2019
Interior Design Intern
As an interior design intern, Francesca proactively provided design support to the design team across live projects. Undertaking roles to obtain pricing and details on products as directed and ordered relevant samples. As an intern, the main responsibility was to work closely with the highly established library to ensure a smooth running was met. Francesca took on a series of other relevant tasks and responsibilities when assigned and had the privileged of scheming her own unique mood boards for current projects. Overall, Francesca recognised that it was an incredible honour to be part of such a multi-award-winning international luxury interior design studio in the heart of Knightsbridge.

Designers Guild
Product Development Intern
Oct 2019 -Nov 2019
Francesca worked with leading designers to collate ideas through their signature Designers Guild florals to create a body of work that Guild steers, guides and ultimately edits into a collection. The main role Francesca undertook was to source appropriate fabrics and wallpapers from suppliers whilst dramatically improving her own personal creative skills using photoshop through expert guidance and advice. The whole experience addressed the level of detail through each section of the creative process to produce the final outcome that shapes the established Designers Guild brand. It was both motivating and inspiring to witness and as a designer, Francesca aspires to project these skills into her Final Major Project in her OTF Collection, specifically dwelling on the high level of intricacy in the Designers Guild hand-painted quality in the signature florals.

Karolina York
Print Design Intern
Jan 2020 - Apr 2020
Karolina York, known for its inventive updates on classic designs, feminine florals and bohemian prints, drawing inspiration from their idyllic Australian lifestyle as well as keeping abreast of global trends. It was unique to witness first-hand the perspective that helps them produce their distinctive digital and traditional print collections. Whilst observing this process as a print intern, Francesca gained her own creative ability to deliver every print in seamless repeat as a matter of course and this, combined with her artisanal approach, has become another trademark to foreshow in her Final Major Project. Also, having the privilege to work in a foreign environment, adapting to their culture, work ethic and embracing the surrounding area together became a fundamental attribute to flourish as a creative designer.