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Tension Installation Prototype

Acrylic paint on felt, felted wool, wood structure. (20cm x 20cm x 35cm)

Relativism Interactive Wall

Digital Illustrations depicting the theory of relativism and flux through a floral arrangement that alternates colour ways when interacted with. Illustrations created digitally. (24cm x 30cm)

Flux Tubular Installation

Acrylic paint on felt, wool structure. (18cm diameter x 36cm)


Graphic Illustrations created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

3D Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper. Graphic illustration created with Photoshop and Illustrator. Digitally printed, cut and layered. (50cm x 68cm)

Flo Sargent

I am a Textile Designer specialising in Mixed Media. My practice focuses on colour theory and three-dimensional material manipulation for public interiors with the intention of elevating the user experience of a space.

My practice uses a combination of digital and hand processes that start with a focus on form and colour. I have refined my practical skills in fabric manipulation and embroidery and combine these techniques with digital illustrations to create innovative designs.

The Garden in Ephesus is a collection designed for a co-working public interior space that facilitates collaboration and creativity. The prototypes visualise the theories of the Pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus and create an environment that sparks imaginations just as the garden in Ephesus inspired Heraclitus thousands of years ago.

When looking at the future of design for shared working environments it is imperative that we look to the 3 main causes for a shift in the utilisation of these spaces. These being; (1) The Impact of Technology, (2) The Pandemic and (3) The Environmental Issues. The development of computer technology has allowed us to work remotely, whilst the pandemic has blurred the boundaries between work and home. In addition, the effort to reverse global warming has resulted in a desire for lasting design and greener spaces. These factors have amalgamated in a shift towards the escapist interiors that not only bring the outdoors inside but bring the fantastical and unreachable closer to home.

Final year project

The Garden In Ephesus


Luxurio and Rio Architects Building Development Mural (2021)
Artwork commissioned on a student accommodation development in Loughborough Town Centre, 2 large wall panels measuring 5x10 metres each - A Saturated, Lively digital print illustrating the diverse community in Loughborough and conveying how the town's rich cultural history is energising Future Generations.

Loughborough University Employability Award (2018)

Work Experience

Sibyl Colefax and John Fowler (Interior Decorator Assistant)
Attended client meetings - Communicated with fabric suppliers - Painted colour boards - Extended my knowledge of fabrics - Organised a site file for the contractors at a large stately home - Collected antiques from collectors to be displayed at client meetings.

Mary Katrantzou (Embroidery Intern)
Creative sampling using hand-embroidery techniques - Worked hands-on with garments, using an acute eye for detail to ensure they were at a high standard ready to go out to the client - Developed research boards for future collections.

Hawthorne and Heaney (Embroidery Intern)
Practising traditional hand embroidery techniques - Finishing samples with a high level of precision - Introduction to digital embroidery - Processing orders for the London Embroidery School and preparation of materials for classes - Meeting clients to pick up commissions - Sourcing fabrics for samples.

White Stuff (Womenswear Design)
In-depth research for the AW19 collections - Conversing in meetings to develop my understanding of the design process - I used Illustrator and Photoshop to assist with designing the prints for the AW19 Home range - I designed 5 mugs which were on sale in Winter 2018.

Karolina York (Print Design Intern)
Designing motifs for print collections that were sold in high street stores such as Topshop and Marks and Spencer - Using CAD software to Design repeat prints ready for customer/designer use.