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Fuze - How It Works

1. The user opens their app and connects their device. They chose their ingredients from the spirit library and edit the time and temperature settings to achieve their desired flavour profile.
2. The heating pad in the rear unit connected to a pre-programmed PCB heats the water to a pre-defined temperature. The infusion pod containing the ingredients is submerged into the hot water forming what is known as a Sous-vide. The set temperature is kept stable for the required amount of time dependent on the ingredients chosen and desired flavour profile.
3. Once the infusion is complete the device will automatically dispense the infused liquid from the rear unit through the one way solenoid valve and a 12V liquid pump up and into the user's vessel of choice which is held in place by the bottle grip.


With its modular design, the rear unit can be swapped out for an espresso machine or cocktail maker, allowing you to cover all areas of the cocktail process while eliminating the need for other appliances that clutter your home bar or kitchen counter.

Final year Live Project - AirFit

AirFit was a response to a live brief set by DCA. We had one week to create a product that can enhance fitness by blending into the home, using a brand as inspiration for a physical product. Using AR and VR technology, Airfit is the first home workout headset that brings the gym to your living room. Play games, chat and work out with friends, get your sweat on with a virtual personal trainer or take a trip to the mountains for a yoga retreat, all in the palm of your hands.

Functional Coffee Machine

As part of our final year mechanics and electronics module, we were tasked with designing and building a functional autonomous coffee machine. As a team of four, we applied our knowledge of mechanical analysis, C programming and manufacturing to build the system.

Bespoke Bass - Hi-Fi Units and Subwoofers

Bespoke Bass was a private project that I started in the first year at Uni. I came up with the idea of using recycled tyres as a casing for car Subwoofers. After I mocked up the first prototype, I soon realized this was a product more people would be interested in. After developing the product I also moved into home Bluetooth HiFi units. All the units were customizable in their size, front plate material and cost.

Felix Jordan

I am a product designer and aspiring entrepreneur. I love to think about the end market viability of the products I design and therefore my approach is very much targeted to what the end consumer's needs and wants are while delivering a beautiful product.

Over the past years, I have designed a lot of products, both at Uni and before. I have always had a passion for inventing from a young age and finding gaps in the market. Everything I design comes from a self passion or personal experience, from dealing with allergies all of my life to my love for cocktail making and Mixology. I have designed, developed and prototyped a range of products from collectable children's bottle caps to Bespoke HiFi units all the way to medical products and Cocktail infusers. I believe the strengths that help me do so is my ability to see gaps in the market while my creativity and confidence let me run with the design with getting the product to market as an end goal.

Final year project

Automated Cocktail Infuser


Degree in Product Design and Technology BSc

Work Experience

I was lucky enough to work in Germany for a short period of time for a design studio called Thinkable Studios. I worked alongside the current design team while learning about different types of manufacturing, prototyping and approaches to design. Furthermore, I was introduced to a much wider market including government contracts and got to work on a device for the French fire department while working there.

I have worked for myself since a very young age, designing and launching all sorts of design-based products and businesses. Throughout the years I have learnt a lot about marketing, branding, dealing with suppliers and prototyping. The first product that I designed and 3D printed at the young age of 13 was a range of collectable bottle caps for children. I then went on to launch a sunglasses eCommerce store, Sustainable water bottle company, Bespoke white wall Tyre home HiFi systems, Sustainable fashion brand and my most recent business in Property including interior design.