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Grainy layered Print design - future and now prints

NASA inspired designs of glaciers from 1901 to the present day.

Glaciers in the future

I have created what I believe glaciers will look like in the future if we begin to change our attitudes about the climate crisis.
The rebuilding of ice on the planet, to protect our ecosystems.

A Glitch into the Future

An abstract vision of what the environment could look like if we begin to future think.
Using glaciers and ice sheets as a subject.

The Future Glitch

An abstract vision of what the environment could look like if we begin to future think. Using Nasa imagery, glaciers and ice sheets as a subject

Evangeline Mae Carpenter

I have specialised in Integrated Digital Practice, this year my work has been driven by influencing change through art activism and future thinking.

I have created a campaign aimed at tackling the climate crisis through protest and activism.

Sustainability and design activism are the driving forces which inspire my work. In living a sustainable lifestyle I have developed a wide knowledge base which has influenced my projects.

I am an enthusiastic learner and passionate about influencing change through creative forms.

I intend to continue inspiring change through communications, content and different creative methods across many platforms. I use my imagination to bring life to my creative designs and use art to influence change by creating an emotional connection.

We need to think about our own and the next generations’ futures. We need to start thinking of long-term solutions to protect the planet and we need to start doing this now.

I am devoting my Major Final Project to influencing people and changing their mindsets about the future. Often when we think about the future we cannot imagine a place in which we are not present, through failing to grasp long-termism. As humans we often think in the short term, forgetting to contemplate the impact of our actions on the wellbeing of the planet. Over-consumption is a primary driver that contributes to the climate crisis. People often think about their immediate happiness rather than the impact of our consumption decisions.

How can we encourage people to think in the long term? We need to change mindsets and lifestyles. By changing mindsets and thinking away from the short term towards the long term, we can begin to consume responsibly.

Throughout my project I have investigated how the earth’s climate and environment have changed over time and the effects humans have had. I have mainly looked at how the lifestyles we lead have created negative change.

My project is intended to influence people’s mindsets through the form of art.

'Art can play a valuable role' in climate change solutions, Olafur Eliasson (2019)

Final year project

'Un'familiar Futures

Work Experience

I worked for Patrick McDowell, a couture fashion designer with a special interest in sustainable fashion. I worked on designs for his 2020 collection as well as imagery for his online marketing, for Helsinki Digital Fashion Week. This gave me a great insight into the future of design.

My roles varied throughout my time at Ralph Lauren. My main roles were centred around assisting the selling team as well as the organisation of displays and markets. My creative drive was also challenged through my work with the creative team.