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RNLI Tribute

The RNLI is such a highly respected and appreciated charity that has saved countless lives in North Cornwall and this piece is to emphasise the admirable work they do. A one-layer discharged screenprint on dry oilcloth designed for waterproof bags and jackets.

To the Buoy and Back

Two colourways of a swimsuit design which was inspired by an interview between myself and a chef who lives in Rock. She religiously would swim with her friends from the sailing club to a buoy and back, even on the coldest days. These swimsuits portray the energy and passion that is often needed to take the plunge.

Porthilly Mussels

A three-layer screen printed design which explores colour proportion and overprinting on wool delaine. A co-ordinate design curated for a pocket square that has been inspired by the seafood industry that thrives in Rock.

Shallow Shores

Screen printed outdoor cushion front and corduroy back with flocked detail.

Development Board

A snapshot of drawings, photographs, fabric samples and colour proportions.

Emma Sutherland

I am a curious print design student, celebrating colour and positivity through joyous design, exploration and development.

Rock is a lifestyle collection which investigates colour, a unique place, and the people that live there. This final collection is primarily all screen printed with great attention to detail and finishing, for fashion and lifestyle pieces.

I gain huge reward from the entire design process from hand-rendered artwork to photography staging and styling. While favouriting the hands-on physical side to design, I utilise my adobe digital manipulation skills to bring my work to life. Being able to tell stories and capture emotions through design is what I find most inspiring.

I intend to work with a highly creative and influential company where I can utilise my original style and vibrant flare amongst a talented team of people.

Final year project



Final year fabric sponsored by Merchant & Mills.
Final project fabric sponsored by The Tartan Blanket Co.
2020 Diploma in Professional Studies.
2019 Première Vision Paris - Designs exhibited.

Work Experience

In the Summer of 2019, I worked at 3rd Rail Print Space, London with Fairbairn and Wolf Studios as a screen-printing intern. With high levels of responsibility over colour palettes, equipment and decision making, I was able to develop my confidence and industry knowledge while screen printing, dying and creating artwork in experimental ways for fashion prints.

FUSION CPH allowed me to take my print design skills to Copenhagen, Denmark for 3 months where I worked as a print intern. My digital design ability and artwork style improved enormously while embracing a new culture and lifestyle.

Moving to Sydney Australia to work at Karolina York for 3 months, took me out of my comfort zone to grow as a designer and embrace an independent print studio with strict deadlines, team projects and ever-changing trends. Creating the artwork for fashion prints required me to know a very particular market, adapt my style and fit my work to the USP of Karolina York.