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Experimental visualisation alongside a selection of digital prints. Digital prints showcased on durable lightweight materials suitable for outdoor use.

Fragmented Blend

This digital print encompasses plastic waste, technology waste and indicators of consumerism with the use of receipts documented through photography and line drawing. These elements have been combined to show the merge of each theme, creating the overall outcome of the print to be abstracted by contrasting scale and layered experimentation.

Excess & Malware

Excess explores the layers of fragments created with societies discarded waste of products causing chaos for the environment. Malware explores the complex ideals of society and throw away culture, examining the battle between consumerism and the planet. Both outcomes use the combination of Photoshop and Illustrator.

Emily Curry

Fashion textiles designer, exploring the fragile relationship between humans and the natural environment through digital print.

The collection 'Fragile Fusion' aims to bring social awareness to the issues of consumerism and our throw away society, aiding this by researching into technology and plastic pollution, unplugging society from electronics and consumers by venturing into the healthy free outdoors.

From a young age Emily has had a passion for the environment. Her childhood being brought up in a rural area contrasted with her experience in her teens and 20's in and around London and its environmentally challenging conditions. The initial inspiration for the project, arose from trying to understand the main driving forces of consumerism and pollution. The theory we live in an Anthropocene epoch is more than a concern as all epochs come to an end. The idea explores how humans have drastically changed the planet causing negative impacts on the environment. Rapid population growth and the fast-paced development of the world have led to urbanisation and technological developments which, although benefit individuals in society, ultimately result in mass pollution to the detriment of society. Plastic pollution is one of the key components in the Anthropocene, there is evidence that this pollution is now being added to fossil records, creating a new layer in the earth’s crust.

'Layers' and 'Fragments' are a running theme throughout the project, inspired by this idea of Anthropocene and pollution. At the heart of Emily's work is her confident approach to composition, scale and colour, exploring different digital and hand techniques of drawing and photography. Furthermore, the project has enabled further development in CAD becoming a strong skill set.

Final year project

Fragile Fusion


19' Premiere Vision, Paris - Fabrics exhibited with Loughborough University.

Work Experience

20' Boadicea

I worked for the luxury perfume brand Boadicea, to produce concepts and editorial outcomes by designing my own photography shoots, showcasing innovative and exciting ideas of portraying their products.  My role included CAD work through editing photography shoots that I had designed and organised and photographed. I was able to combine this process of photography with digital drawing, exploring colour, composition, and scale. This was for their social media and website.