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Wildfire - Player Character Designs

In Wildfire, players pick one of four factions - glass frogs, white-headed capuchins, jaguars or Honduran white bats and have to collect all their members before the forest burns. I designed each character to have a distinct personality that tied into an individual card ability they would unlock.

Coda - The Ever Forest

A background of ruins in The Ever Forest with the player character - Orfi, wondering through. The sidescroller is fully mapped out and open world with many distinct areas including this one.

A Story about Love

Pages 13 and 14 of the 20-page comic.

Wildfire - Player Boards

Each board corresponds to a specific player faction and succinctly explains its unique mechanics such as the capuchin's crafting or the jaguar's rituals.

Coda - Orfi poses

Poses for the player character in my video game especially exploring how he plays his instrument which is a hybrid of a lute and a dulcimer.

Emily Carleton

I love using illustration to tell stories in diverse and innovative ways.

Through recent work I have been particularly interested in game design, both physical board games and video games, looking at how illustration can be used to showcase mechanics as well as to tell a more interactive story, creating a large number of assets for both projects - logos, splash art, characters, backgrounds etc and tying all of that into how each game is played.

I also have a long time interest in graphic novels and created a short one as a side project this year. Character design is a particular favourite of mine as is working in the fantasy or sci-fi genres, I would love to do concept art for a big fantasy project one day! My goal is to keep telling stories and exploring with my art, whether that's as a concept designer, comic artist or something completely new.

Final year project

Wildfire: A Game of Forest Survival / Coda / A Story about Love