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Lino Printed Wallpaper

Hand-craft techniques played a large part in the Arts and Crafts Movement. In order to infuse this element into my collection, I created a lino print. I edited this print in Photoshop and created a large scale repeat print to use on my hand-painted wallpaper length. Using tonal purple colours created a much more subtle tone to the busy print.

Blue Tonal Cherry Berry Print

An alternative colour-way of the 'Cherry Berry' repeat print on dyed Fuji silk. I printed this design using procion print pastes to create the tonal colours. This colour-way is a much more 'heritage' style rather than the contemporary, vibrant colour-way I have also printed.


A Dahlia drawn, using black fine liner. Due to my concept being about family connections, I asked my Great Aunt Jane, who knows a lot about Pugin and his relations to our family, as to what her favourite flower is. She chose the Dahlia flower which I used in one of my designs. It feels really special to add in family features as part of my prints and designs which adds a very personal element to my work.

Hand-Cut Lino Print

I used this lino print as the basis for my wallpaper featured in the other photos. The Arts and Crafts Movement was largely popular for their hand-crafts rather than industrial processes which I have tried to replicate here however, I then edited this drawing on digital software in order to screen-print the design. This incorporated both the traditional methods with contemporary processes.

Ellen Sherliker

A Textiles student specialising in Print, particularly interested in incorporating traditional methods with contemporary processes.

My final collection 'Modern Heritage' is inspired by my family tree. I recently found out that I am directly related to Augustus Pugin, one of the interior designers and architects for the Houses of Parliament. It has been really exciting exploring the prolific career of Pugin and learning about my family history, as well as the Arts and Crafts period; all of which has influenced my designs. Ultimately, although heavily influenced by Pugin and other designers of that era, I have tried to make my own prints in my own developing style. I have combined both the methods of my relative, in which the techniques of hand-crafts were key, with contemporary processes regularly used today, including digital programmes such as Photoshop. This final project has been perfect in emphasising my excitement for working within the Interior Design industry, particularly the Commercial sector, where you are able to really push the boundaries with design.

Final year project

Modern Heritage