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Why Granny Forgets - Sketch

The bathroom scene where the keys are found, objects are hidden under flaps in this scene.

Pip's First Day

Pip encounters a scary thunderstorm that causes her to become worried and scared.

Pip's First Day

Pip meets a worm who talks her through some forest therapy techniques, causing her to feel less worried.

Pip's First Day

This scene is towards the end of the book, where Pip is feeling more confident.

Pip's First Day - Front and Back Cover

The front and back cover, continuing the contrasting colours from inside the book.

Ella Tysome

I am an illustrator who enjoys telling a story through images.

I have a love for creating children's books. Telling a story through images and captivating the imagination of young minds.

I use Procreate, adapting my style to best fit the target audience and convey the message.

In terms of career, I plan to build on my strengths in this area through children’s book illustration and other projects which involve telling a story through images.

‘Why Granny Forgets’ is my main second-semester project. It introduces the concept of Dementia to children, taking them on a journey with the granny to find the missing house keys. The main target audience is age 4-6-year-olds. The design engages the reader to interact with the book, looking under flaps to find the keys, but discovering old memories instead.

‘Pip’s First Day’ was my first-semester project, introducing the complex feelings of anxiety to younger children. The target audience for this book is 3–5-year-olds, following the main character Pip on a journey to her first day of school. There are many obstacles that Pip overcomes on her walk to school, using the connection with nature and forest therapy techniques to become more confident along the way.

Final year project

Why Granny Forgets / Pip's First Day

Work Experience

October 2019 - November 2019
Emc Design - Design Intern

December 2019 - May 2020
Royal Lancaster London - In-house Illustrator