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Two Colourway Digital Design

These digital prints show a design in the two different colour palettes, to generate different types of stimulation, printed on soft velvet.

Ella-Kate Forrest

I am a graduate specialising in Multi-Media textiles design. My final collection, P.T.L is an interactive and sensory instillation that is a playful, colourful and stimulating space, created for and inspired by children with special educational needs.

Since I was young my mum has been teaching and working with children with many different disabilities. It has always brought me joy and inspiration when there was a chance to learn with them. I got to interact and observe how these children play and learn from sounds, touch and sensory objects. It was a valuable experience that I was able to use to influence my collection. I wanted to bring a new and modern aspect to sensory development and textiles. Within this collection, I have created two separate colour palettes one with warm bright colours of pink and orange to produce energy, creativity and stimulation. Alternatively, the cool colours of green and blue create a calm and stressless environment and a feeling of well-being. By using wood combined with soft and textural fabrics and embellishments with auditory qualities, this created a collection with the aim of generating an all-around sensory appeal from touch, sight and sound. Appealing to multiple senses, these pieces would be able to sit together in an installation and provide a stimulating play space for children with MSI (Multi-Sensory Impairment). I aim to pursue a career in the textiles industry utilising my experience with multi-media and design.

Final year project

P.T.L Play! Touch! Learn!


My work was chosen to appear at Premiere Vision, Paris, for Loughborough University in Febuary 2020.