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"The Touch"

Moving on from my photography, I wanted to produce a puppet which heavily reflects similar characteristics to my subjects, however making it more taunting and scary.

"Hanging Model"

I positioned the arms to be in an almost trance like state, by including the strings and wooden stick controls within the photo focusing on not only the puppet itself but the shadow it has casted on the wall behind it.

"Hockey and Dress-up"

I wanted to cover a wide range of different types of masculinity, so I used my sporty flat mate Ollie. This contrast between the athletic build and the delicate pink fabric of the slip dress creates a strong juxtaposition of femininity.

"The Boy Who Cried Femininity"

The vulnerable 'little bow peep' positioning conveys an ideology of a damsel in distress, linking back to the traditional fairytale stories that portray femininity as having to be saved by a man.

"Seductive Ego"

This is one of my favourites as it shows a real sense of freedom and sexual tension, however it is still incorporating the masculine 'sporty guy' persona with the hockey stick.

Elizabeth Keen

The possible secretive façade and lifestyle of a guy within the modern day society, through voyeur appearing photos and creepy puppets.

I found this specific topic very captivating due to the continuous ‘Sporty Guy’ culture that encompasses and restricts a large majority of men at Loughborough University which thereby fabricates the boundaries between masculinity and femininity making it harder to push stereotypical gender roles. This topic has a close connection to my experiences and confusion surrounding masculinity whilst I was growing up, I would continuously question as to why certain things were deemed more masculine and as to why men can't cross the boundaries into femininity freely. Using my strong photography skills, I combined my love of sculpture with my photos, producing clay puppets to go along side my exhibition which add a creepy and almost a dark undertone to my topic.

Final year project

Divine Masculine


August 2019.
I was given the opportunity to exhibit some of my work in the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London. This was with the 'Cash is King 2' exhibition which displayed different artists interpretations of defacing a bank note.

Work Experience

June - 2020
'Paul Smith's' Fashion House in Convent Garden.
I worked there for a week and was given the experience to rotate round each department, this allowed me to fully understand how many specialisms go into the make up of a fashion business. During this work experience I met lots of different people who were from contrasting art backgrounds who gave me lots of fantastic advices about how to apply your degree into your profession. Overall, it gave me a sense of direction into what I would like to achieve once I finish my degree and the particular specialisms that I am interested in.

September 2018 - 2021
'Fairkytes Art Centre' in Hornchuch.
I currently work at an art centre for people with special needs, I have worked here for three years. Having a disability myself, I find it super rewarding being able be given the opportunity to help others who face some of the same difficulties like me. Working here has given me more confidence and ability to feel comfortable about myself.