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Fit as One | Utilising Home Space & Motivating Group Workouts

Fit as one is a modular and detachable device catering to users that wish to partake in group workouts both in-person and virtually in collaboration with zoom services. Due to its modular feature, it enables users to connect from different rooms in the house, different households and to span across a large room.

Fit as One | The App

The fit as one app works in harmony with the device, encouraging and enabling users to connect with family and friends and plan their workout collaboratively and track progress. The complete system runs through a subscription service imitating the incentive similar to that of the gym - this increases chances of consistent use.

Danielle Thompson

As an Industrial Design & Technology Graduate, I'm constantly progressing in my own approach, whilst ensuring the development of how we can push the potential of a design solution.

With versatility and passion, I have always strived for perfection in all my creative ventures ranging from design to photography. My passion for aesthetics and the psychology of how design can be positively influential lead my journey into the creative field to be ever-expanding.

My path has taken me through a broad spectrum of design so far as it is. I believe this desire to create, stems from my craving for travelling through being exposed to new cultures, ways of life and ultimately, the way in which the term beauty is seen through different eyes and expressed in different forms ranging from architecture, art, product and digital design. Beginning my design-focused, academic journey at Loughborough, I expanded my knowledge, skills and understanding of design and naturally, took the opportunity to expand on this in my 3rd year. Spending 6 months in Milan, Italy, I chose to enhance a different side of design at Politecnico di Milano University, studying Architecture and Interior & Spacial Design. I believe this to have provided me with a new perspective of which I decided to put into practice the following 6 months working at an Interior Design & Architecture firm in London.

Overall, many skills have been strengthened ranging from Adobe software (Illustrator & Photoshop), sketching, the ability to communicate and present in a professional manner and conduct in-depth research. I consider my strengths to be my desire to explore new places and design opportunities, and my ability to organise effectively, all of which I will advance on in the near future.

Final year project

Rays | Utilising Far-UVC Technology As a Means to Sanitise the Public Environment


'21 Diploma in International Studies (DinS)
'21 Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS)

Work Experience

September 2019 - February 2020
Study Abroad. Architecture, Interior & Spacial Design - Politecnico di Milano University, Italy.
Learning a completely new form of design for a semester in a Masters level course, in a group project with Masters level students all from different countries, in a foreign country that speaks a language I've never known...was never going to be easy. The challenges faced built lifelong lessons and an experience I would do all over again. I learnt adaptation, flexibility, teamwork, hard work in a place of high demand and enhanced communication skills in a place where communication deemed difficult. With all this being said, I learnt both life and technical skills and a new approach that'll benefit me inside and outside of my professional career.

March 2020 - August 2020
Internship. Architecture & Interior Design Firm - Yasmine Mahmoudieh, London

Starting my internship placement at the beginning of a pandemic naturally came with its challenges. I spent the duration of my placement, working from home and navigating through my insight of a professional career over a video call. This aside, working here gave me insight into the dynamic and perspective of an architectural and interior design business. Focusing predominantly on the interior side, I was exposed to the way in which business is conducted on a client to designer basis. I, personally, conducted inspirational, locational, material, and informative research for sites across the world, based on the brief and client at hand, and single-handedly, created business proposition presentations on the design being proposed. This all enhanced my business understanding, communication, client presentation and design skills.