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Daniel Jordan


Further Drawings - Carioca Backlands

Metamorphising Keystones

‘Metamorphising Keystones’ is my response to a brief that prompted us to question the changing role of the library, and design one within the urban context of Liverpool. This project combines the evoloution of the library with the evoloution of the keystones. Initially inspired by the arches on site, I investigated the dual role of an arch as a bridge and a barrier. This led to highlighting the symbolism of keystones, their obsolescence in modern architecture, and how they might be abstracted to connect people in both a human and physical sense.

A metamorphosed keystone then is defined by its ability to connect people, to empower “connection” rather than “collection”. Within the building, the keystone physically connects but also establishes social bonds and human connection. Within the site, my library is a keystone, a place of connection, information. And within the urban context of Liverpool, my site becomes a keystone, the ‘final missing piece’ in an educational network.

EcoMuseum Assembly (Concept Drawing) - Carioca Backlands

Daniel Jordan

My architectural interests lie in the role architecture can play in reshaping society; being critical of the role of the architect and imaging the built environment as a social actor

Final year project

Final Year Project


At Loughborough, I have won awards for 'Best Narrative', 'Best Digital Visualisation' and 'Outstanding Student Performance'. I have also been nominated for the RIBA president's medal.

Work Experience

I completed my industrial placement during my third year, working for 12 months as an architectural assistant at Aukkett Swanke. Much of my time in practice was spent on projects pertaining to Aukkett Swanke’s research into mixed-use schemes, which combine industrial and residential architecture within urban environments.