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Csilla Budai

Through the intersection of technology and art, I seek to creatively reframe the experiences we most commonly overlook in our lives.

I have always sought to locate technology within the art world, opening dialogues between traditional art forms and new media. This lead me to master my existing skills in drawing, ceramics and photography, to developing proficiency in a variety of creative software and specialist equipment. Despite experimenting with a broad range of media within my art practice, I chose to abstain from a specialism from the start, allowing myself the freedom to pursue meaning over the material. This lead to an interest in curation – I like to create meaning through the display of art pieces and chose to cultivate that as my primary skill in terms of my career. In particular, I have been exploring the ways in which contemporary art disseminates within the context of the internet and the ways in which online curation is evolving. This lead to an impact on the aesthetics that I use within my art practice wherein I reflect the visual qualities we see on screens. I am currently working with moving image and video installation for the degree show, as I found this to be an effective means to express my theoretical discoveries. Currently, most of my video experiments are being published on Vimeo and should be getting added to my website soon.

Final year project


Work Experience

Joshibi University of Art & Design, Tokyo, Japan (2019-2020).

During my sandwich year, I studied Media Art & Design at Joshibi University. This opportunity allowed me to explore emerging art specialisms in a country renowned for its technological advancements. Despite all the challenges – such as the language barrier (all classes were taught in Japanese), cultural differences in academic demand and then the pandemic itself – it was the most rewarding experience I have ever had.

The first class I chose to do there was an interactive arts class, in which I was introduced to robotics and the artistic applications of such. I was then tasked with a project to create interactive art objects using servo motors, sensors and an Arduino. Through this, I became proficient with basic electronics, 3D Printing (using Fusion 360, AutoCAD and Cura) and laser cutting/engraving.

The two shorter classes I took were character design (using Photoshop, CSP and working on very tight deadlines and design briefs) and 3DCG (modelling, sculpting and animating with Autodesk Maya on tight deadlines). I became acquainted with my professor at this time and was invited to visit the animation offices she directed at, giving me valuable industry knowledge that I am thankful for.

My final class was an independent project which had to be held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To do this, I applied the knowledge I gained from my first semester (such as 3D modelling and coding) whilst mastering a new software (Spark AR Studio) to produce an interactive AR installation from my bedroom. Developing this was ambitious, as the artwork was intended to be engaged with by multiple participants. This was not manageable due to the restrictions, so I had to creatively prepare demonstrations.

In the end, every student had to give a two-minute presentation to show their final project (the work itself and any context) in front of over 90 other students and a panel of professors. There were no other international students attending the university at this point. Despite how daunting it was, I decided to present in both spoken and written Japanese. My progress and efforts in learning the language meant that this was well-received and understood.

Overall, I developed a new capacity for self-reflection and cultural appreciation thanks to this experience. If you want to know more about the experience I had, please contact me via e-mail.