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Interlocking cushions

Close up stitch details of the patchwork as covers for the interlocking cushions which are designed to be interactive. The 3D pieces are designed to change and move around in the space and to relax with, echoing the rocks that get moved and changed every day by the seawater.

Initial inspiration

Initial drawing and gouache painting on different backgrounds including recycled card amongst collected rocks and tiles used for observational drawings, colour and shape inspiration.

Rock formation

Initial photography of a rock formation at the North coast, Whitby Bay. A photograph that inspired the neutral colour palette with some brighter tones as well as the interesting shaped rocks providing a source of inspiration for the cushion designs.

Clay and stitch designs

Stitch details using silk threads onto natural linen with clay and a blue cotton linen design with stuffed parts creating more of a textural 3D element and a variation in the surface, suitable for a rug or throw.

Clay on linen experiments

As part of the experimental phase of the project, one experiment was painting with the natural clay picked from the cliffs at Whitby bay. The experiment included using different amounts of water and applying it to different materials. The linen created an aesthetic which suited the neutral Scandinavian style of household interiors for which this collection is designed. This original idea was then developed into a final design patchwork, painting clay onto linen with added detailed stitch embellishments.

Clementine Cooper

Multi Media textiles designer

The North Coast project is designed for an interior of a contemporary family home. The project is based around a Scandinavian style minimalistic colour palette with influences of the North coast. The project focuses on shape and texture inspired by the rocks and cliffs seen at the coast: Whitby in North Yorkshire. This project is a development from a previous project on the North Yorkshire moors, both of which are very personal to me having lived there my whole life. The collection is made up of recycled and reused natural materials using detailed stitch and techniques such as patchwork on a 2D and 3D scale. The collection is designed to boost ones wellbeing through the use of colour, texture and shape reminding us of the natural beauty and ultimate sensory experience of being at the coast.

Final year project

The North Yorkshire Coast


2017-2018' Art Foundation year at Loughborough university- passed with Distinction and additional recognition for my efforts in time management whilst competing as an international pentathlete.
2017' Loughborough University postcard exhibition alongside Joshibi University, Japan.
2019' Graphic Abstraction degree project designs sent to Premiere Vision, Paris

Work Experience

Work experience with Multi-Media artist Louise Marchal who helped me with my degree portfolio and showed me an insight into becoming a solo artist in a working studio space. Louise specialises in many creative forms including tapestries, sculpture and painting alongside her talent for writing.

My own current card business has shown me an insight into the world of creating my own business. The business is profitable and successful and also highlights my time management whilst studying for my degree and training 25- 30 hours a week as an international level Modern Pentathlete.

Work alongside Sqaudkit (Limitless kit) a fashion sportswear brand in conjunction with the Mintridge Foundation at sports events, conferences and schools raising awareness of the benefits of sport for young people through making comfortable sports clothing designed specifically for the younger generation. The clothing focuses mainly on young girls where there is a huge dropout rate in sport, it was a great experience for me to combine two of my passions, textiles and sport.