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The brief aims to promote giffgaffs recycling scheme, highlighting the four easy steps it takes to recycle, the fun ways you could spend the money on and that dead-good sustainable feeling you get for doing it.

full D&AD presentation here: <https://bit.ly/3bM21LP>


As well as the 20-second TV Spot, we've produced digital display banners and Instagram assets to further tell the narrative we've designed. Recycle your old phone, get some cash in your pocket, cha-ching.

full D&AD presentation here: <https://bit.ly/3bM21LP>


Guilt-free fashion, for a better planet.
STENCEL is a pop-up t-shirt campaign demanding change in the fashion industry, from the ground up. Collaborating with famous activist organisation Extinction Rebellion. Our aims are:- Change fast-fashion consumerism behaviour, educate on the benefits of sustainable materials (like Tencel) and preach that slow fashion CAN and WILL look beautiful, on everyone.


So how do we achieve our goals?
The pop-up t-shirt service acts as a monumental start of a new fashion lifestyle. Users design their own shirt, have it printed while-u-wait, and take away a unique hoodie/t-shirt not only personalised but fashionable and sustainable. Users can learn more about the campaign through an accompanying zine, encouraging them to push the discussion forward. We've done the hard part, it's up to you how you share it.


This year I took part in the annual Instagram typography competition, 36 Days of Type. Every day from April 5th to May 10th, I created a character in the alphabet. I've successfully ended up with a classy futuristic font unique to me. see the rest here: www.instagram.com/cowprintclaud

Claudia Swingewood

Hola, I'm Claudia - an experimental designer who enjoys eco-fashion, sci-fi movies and tattoos. My specialism is graphic print design and visual identities - aiming to push for a sustainable future.

Experimental is a word I’d use to describe the visual theme and consistency of my work. Another outlet of my personality, the designs I’ve produced are pretty bold - similar to my individual fashion style.

My project topics are generally rooted in my own passion. I like to design to not only solve a problem but to voice my interests. Having worked in fashion and entertainment agencies, I’m a lover of all things pop culture; which naturally feeds into my work. My top three tacit skills I’d say are imagination, organisation and leadership; I’m also proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Procreate. In the future, I’m keen to not only further these skills I’ve developed over my four years, but delve into different methods of design like motion graphics, events and interior design.

Final year project



D&AD New Blood Pencil Winner 2021
Giffgaff Recycle x Cold Hard Cash

Recycle your old phone, get some cash in your pocket, CHA-CHING - This was the springboard for a collaborative project promoting the mobile network companies recycling scheme. Nathan Monaghan and I worked with the narrative of ways you could spend the money. The main deliverable was a 20 second animated TV spot, accompanied by an array of Instagram posts, stories and web banners. Maintaining an upbeat and humourous storytelling feel, we managed to bag a Pencil prize.

Work Experience

FLUID [fluidesign.co.uk]
Social and Creative Intern

From June - December 2019, I took on the role of Social and Creative Intern at Birmingham based agency Fluid. Known for its gaming, film and music specialism - I was lucky enough to work alongside some incredible designers for AAA brands and clients. My day to day work consisted of trend research, blogging, social media management, creative assistance and some marketing. I made a heck tonne of mood boards (and I loved it).
It was here where I initially found a flair for social media and email marketing - having learnt WordPress and tried my hand at some copywriting.

MADLADY [madlady.se]
Creative (E-Commerce) Intern

At the start of 2020, I had the opportunity to work with the online fashion brand MADLADY.se. This role was a whirlwind position and I had a blast - living in Copenhagen, Denmark and commuting over the Øresund bridge to MADLADY's hub in Malmö, Sweden. Despite the looming pandemic, the role was exciting and very different to that of Fluid - focussing my time more creatively, on social media graphics and email campaigns. This nicely developed the previous skills and I'm now confident in using Mailchimp.