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Combining My Digital And Printing Experimentation Together

Taking my digitally-rendered piano design, I attempted to combine this with my printing experimentation by layering an ink mark underneath the design as a background. I feel that the contrast between the solid, bolder colours/shapes of the piano design and the lighter, fluid marks created by using ink adds to the energy of my design.

Clara Moore

For my project, I have looked at how I can create multiple title sequences based around different jazz instruments (specifically the clarinet, the cello and the piano). I have mainly researched into 1950s graphic design and experimented with how I can apply its features to my own work. As well as this, I have explored how I can capture the sounds of certain jazz songs through different forms of mark making, mixed media and digital design.

During my project, I have mainly researched the work of mid-century modern graphic design and explored how I can apply the methods and techniques I have researched to my own subject matter. I have adopted a range of approaches to my work from printmaking/ collaging to digitally rendering my designs using minimal shapes and colour. I feel that my strengths are clearly shown in my digital designs. For example, having researched different artists and work from 1950's/60's graphic design, I feel that I have been the style effectively through my use of minimal geometric shapes and bolder colours. As well as this, I have tried to push my work beyond using digital processes to more experimental methods. This is highlighted in my printmaking work where I cut out shapes of the different parts of the instruments featured in my designs, applied ink/acrylic to them and pressed them down onto the page. Not only was this visually effective in that it created more fluid, looser marks but I feel I was also able to capture the sounds of the jazz songs I listened to well. As my project has developed, I have pushed myself to think beyond the visual impact of my work and more about the relationship between my artwork and the jazz songs I have researched i.e. how effective my work has been in reflecting the lively, improvised melodies of jazz music.

Final year project

Music Title Sequence Project