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Monster from 'Agoraphobia'

My first 3D designed character. A simple yet effective design for the context of my project. As the monster would only be present for a few frames, the level of detail placed onto it was not necessary, but, it was enough detail to create a horrific humanoid figure.

3D Modelling and Texturing of a Shoe for My Project 'Rubbish'

The final render of my 3D designed shoe (including the raw 3D design of the shoe) for my project about sustainable rubbish.

Mock-up of My Photography Project 'Bigger Than Basketball'

A memorial photographic catalogue about NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Side project: Personal Digital Portrait Drawings

A personal drawing of my series of digital portraits.

Christian Mainaky

Production of my hypothetical game 'Cosmos' which revolves around space exploration.

Cosmos is the final project that I am currently working on with the main goal of 3D designing and animating a character from scratch. Cosmos is my hypothetical video game that has the sole purpose of being a relaxing, enjoyable game that is absent of violence and destruction. With my top skills revolving around animating and 3D designing, I wanted to combine them into one big project that would be similar to the work I aspire to do in the future. As most of the work was done independently, learning software such as Maya and Blender from online sources, I was able to teach myself core skills that I can utilise for future projects or work.

Final year project


Work Experience

I worked under a company known as Social90 as both their Graphic Designer and Videographer. My tasks ranged from Logo designing to animation, all of which would be paid commission. As I acquired this job after my foundation year, I was juggling University work with work from Social90 in my first year. This improved my designing and time management skills while also providing me with insight into freelancing work in the real world.