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Designed for a Gillnet

The device is designed to float along with the float line of the gillnet which will not affect the configuration/function of the gillnet. The design includes an attachment feature which prevents the device from causing tangles in the net and allowing the device to land in the water always right side up.

NET-I Works in Batches.

More than one NET-I is needed depending on the length of the net to ensure a suitable amount of the net is monitored.

Aid to Prevent Children With Eczema From Scratching.

Allay is an aid that uses tapping motions to reduce itching, inflammation, and potential scaring when the child feels the need to scratch. The aesthetic is not only to make the child feel comfortable but also to form an attachment similar to a toy.

Long Term Use From Adult to Child.

This device is designed to eventually teach a child how to properly care for their skin long term and to prevent worsening their skin condition. This will also help the parent from feeling overwhelmed and stress when their child is suffering from eczema.

Luxury Tea Packaging Made From Metal for Luxury Brands.

Givtea was designed as a luxury-packaging for high-end groceries and retailers. The form is designed to be stackable in threes for shelf purposes in shops and organising purposes at home. This is designed with creative use of tin, innovative use of decorative element and increasing consumer appeal.

Chesca Atender

I am a conscientious, optimistic and creative person who enjoys the challenges of problem solving motivated to ease people's everyday lives in a sustainable way.

I have always believed we are unable to move into the future unless our products allow us to. This is why design technology is at the forefront of innovations in the present world. I enjoy taking my ideas stemming from a problem and developing it into a tangible solution. Recognising an issue and finding a need for a solution has been where all my projects have started. As a student I am surrounded by multiple opportunities to carry out different projects, enabling me to explore and adapt different areas from environmental problems to user interaction and manufacturing approaches. I feel because of this I am able to adapt to different areas of I define myself as an optimistic, determined, source of creativity which I am proud of. I value the freedom and lengths I am able to carry out my projects including primary research relating to users.

Through design, my goal is to contribute to easing people's everyday lives while incorporating sustainability and aesthetics. I look forward to the challenges in the future and to thrive as an inventive designer.

Final year project

Provide a device to improve the task of commercial gillnet fishing and reduce ghost gear in the ocean.


'21 Diploma in Professional Studies
'18 WPO WorldStar Certificate of Recognition
'18 Student Starpack Gold Award and Sponsorship Award