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Charlotte Johnson

I explore scenes of home life, with underlying themes of intimacy, identity, memories and attachment.

Initially inspired by the (student) experience of temporary accommodation, calling different places 'home' for no more than a year at a time, I began to paint my surroundings as a means to celebrate the significance that the places I inhabited have had on my personal life. I give an intimate view of my home, which is often relatable, allowing the viewer to see parts of their own life within my work, united by common aspects of the human experience.

A narrative of personal life is formed through the investigation of the mundane, and the objects that we leave behind. The work is about taking a moment to appreciate the everyday and meditate on what we often overlook. The Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in the majority of people being confined to their homes for long periods of time, this personally changed the way that I view my surroundings, encouraging me to find solace in the mundane, and notice even the smallest of things that my eyes may brush upon each day.

After graduating, I intend to utilise my painting skills and eye for detail to begin an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist. I will also focus on nurturing my skills and passion into growing my own business as a freelance artist.

Final year project

Tales of Domesticity

Work Experience

During the academic year of 2019/2020, I started my own business as part of the placement Year in Enterprise course that I undertook at university. I focused on growing my visibility via online platforms and selling my work, which included jewellery/accessories and commissioned paintings. I faced challenges of marketing my own work, organising sales and creating enough products to meet demand, which taught me a lot about managing my own time and artistic practice.