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Fragmented Florals: Warp and weft floats Close up

Warp and weft cut floats, created using a wool loop to creating interesting textures which were then manipulated when off the loom.

Fragmented Florals: Visual Research

Using acetate to create interesting textures and marks.

Fragmented Florals: Yarn Wraps

I find that yarn wraps are a great way to visualise and plan woven samples. It helps to see how the colours work together and figure out the correct proportions.

Fragmented Florals: Weft floats

This sample has floats running through the entire sample, which I cut when it came off the loom. Using Merino wool alongside combined wool, silk and seaweed yarn.

Fragmented Florals: Paper Weave

Using paper weaves as part of my design development, helping to plan design structures and colours.

Charlotte Baker

Charlotte is a woven textile designer with a strong interest in colour and texture. She is often inspired by natural elements, creating exciting woven designs, providing a positive environment to benefit wellbeing.

Fragmented Florals is an interior collection, inspired by nature and the manipulation of florals to create interesting marks and compositions. Throughout the project, I have explored texture within my weaves, using warp and weft floats to combine colours and interesting yarns. The yarns were all hand-dyed in a range of thicknesses and colours to add variety to the collection.

The collection has been designed intending to create pieces that are captivating and provide positivity. Combining bespoke/ experimental pieces alongside functional designs. I focused on wellbeing and how textile pieces can make a huge impact on an individual’s mood. To inform my project I conducted primary research, which provided me with insightful information to create woven fabrics that would benefit individuals in hospital. The power of design can be hugely important and effective in creating a room of positivity and calmness, through visual relief and tactility.

Final year project

Fragmented Florals


'18 Première Vision Paris - Designs exhibited.
'19 Première Vision Paris - Designs exhibited.
'21 Diploma in Professional Studies.

Work Experience

June 2019 - October 2019
Studio Intern, Maria Sigma.

October 2019 - November 2019
Costume Workshop Intern, Royal Shakespeare Company.

January 2020 - February 2020
Studio Intern, Dash & Miller.