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Ano Function

Each cartridge contains an ultrasonic misting plate that converts the mixture of oil and water into a fine mist. The mist then travels up the communal chimney shared by all the cartridges. The fan at the top of the design then pulls the mist up and out to the user. This shared chimney system is the most complex part of the design and required a lot of proof of concept testing before the design was finalized.

Ano Design

Ano has been designed to be portable and ergonomic. The large band across the back of the design allows for comfortable use for all users. The form of the product was carefully considered and iterated to get the in-hand feel ideal for the users.

Ano Interaction

This image shows Ano in hand. The process of smell training with Ano is as simple as turning it on with the power button and lifting it to your nose. You are then guided through the smell training process with the light and the app. The internal removal is also detailed in this image, the internal removal allows for cartridge changes and device charging.


Derma is a facial cleanser brush that adjusts its settings to suit the user's gender, age, and skin type. This was designed as part of a Live Project brief over ten days.

Derma In use

Derma is seen in hand and in use in this photo. Derma has been designed with a screen on the back to guide and direct users through the cleansing process. This is done by the user looking in the mirror for instructions and feedback from the device.

Charlie Fraser

I am an optimistic and thoughtful designer with a focus toward 3D styling and user experience.

Projects Ano and Demra are the culmination of four years of hard work, learning, and practice. Over the course of my degree, I have massively developed both my technical and creative abilities. Gaining technical skills in 3D modelling and the presentation of work has allowed me to express my ideas clearly and in detail. The creativity of my design concepts has improved from an understanding of the user, environment, and their needs. I am interested in exploring the design world further and expand into areas such as UX, branding, and manufacture. I am excited about the future and hope to develop my skills further in a multidisciplinary team of designers.

Final year project

Ano - Smell training for sufferers of Anosmia.


KATS 2015 - Designers Designer awarded as a result of a bespoke coffee table using reclaimed bicycle wheels.
KATS 2016 - Best In Show awarded as a result of a bespoke chair designed using reclaimed Walnut and aluminum.
Solidworks Skills Assessment badge - Top 5% on LinkedIn assessment.

Work Experience

SPRO Deutschland August 2019- July 2020
As part of my university placement, I spent a year living and working in Dusseldorf, Germany at an international fishing company. I joined the team as a designer and worked on over 50 projects in a range of capacities during my time there. I was exposed to a range of projects during my time at SPRO including consumer electronics, outdoor equipment, packaging, branding, and fashion. I gained invaluable experience in working in a fast-paced, professional, office environment and gained experience in communicating with manufacturers to brings a project from concept to market.

Bumblezest 2020 - 2021
I regularly do freelance graphic design work for the popular drinks brand Bumblezest. The work is mainly centred around give-aways and is shared with thousands of users online.

Tina Engell Jewellery Design 2019
I gained invaluable work experience in bespoke jewellery design and manufacturing using gold, silver and platinum during my time at the Engell Studio.