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The 'Perfect' Body

Here is a sample of a Lino Print. I created a colourful background to print on top of. I believe that bright colours link to positivity and happiness, this is the message I want to spread...POSITIVITY!

The 'Perfect' Body

This is another form of print. I pressed my pencil into polystyrene and rolled printing paint on top and pressed it into paper. From this sample, I learnt that I should have added more printing paint to it. I found it an interesting way of printing as I had never done it before. It was another sample created to show off another image I took of a model.

The 'Perfect' Body

This is an A3 sheet and on it is an outline of a models body with a colourful background inspired again my Sophie Tea. To progress this I believe I could have added some form of text like a body positivity quote so it looked more like a poster or a magazine cover. This is something I plan on doing.

Charley Jones

Social Media has a huge impact on everyone's lives, especially with one's appearance. I aim to help people understand that there is no such thing as a 'perfect' body.

My Project is to send a message to the public, mainly towards women as they are affected most by social media, mental health and body confidence issues. I am trying to spread more confidence and body positivity through a series of campaign posters/magazine-style images. I have experimented by taking photos of female models, painting on models, Lino cutting and printing, acrylic paintings, oil pastels, pencil drawings and tracing. It was a risky project as it was very difficult for me to actually find models as very few people are not confident in their own skin, but I did manage to get a few volunteers. I have been working with the images of my models' bodies and producing work like Lino prints and paintings. I believe, not being afraid to experiment using a range of different techniques in my work is a strength. I am always open to trying and learning new things that can improve my work.

Final year project

The 'Perfect' Body


I achieved a Grade 7 in my Art GCSE at Ounsdale High School (now known as Wombourne High School).

I also achieved a Grade C in my A-Levels at The Royal Wolverhampton School. While also studying 2 other A-Level subjects (Sociology and Psychology) and being dedicated to an Elite Athlete Training Programme (for Swimming where I did 23 hours of training before and after Sixth Form).

Work Experience

I have previously had a job as a Lifeguard. During my time working as a Lifeguard, I learnt that I get on well in group situations and can show leadership skills, alongside being under pressure and having to work at a quick pace. And also, I am good at reacting and improvising under stressful conditions.

I have also worked in a primary school for a week where I helped Year-3 pupils in their Arts and Crafts lessons. I was mainly looking after and helping an Autistic boy and helping him produce a self-portrait using different resources such as buttons, pipe cleaners, sequins, paints and wax crayons. During this week, I discovered that I am a very helpful, caring and patient person. I can get on with a range of different ages for example young children and people older than me (teachers and headteacher).