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Ping / App that Helps Women to Protect Themselves and Their Life From Hidden Cameras.

Ping tracks are where you finds the public toilets, that are camera-safe and also gives you information of the toilet
where you want to use.
A camera detector inside the app can detect hidden cameras and once it finds a camera, you can directly report it on the app. A community page will be a great source of support and you can help someone else and receive support from them by sharing your experience or feelings.
The news page will keep you updated on the crime and shows events closest to your location shown at the top of the feed.

Ping Wireframes

The app was designed to be easy to use and concise to allow for a more inclusive direction for the female population.

Ping Function (Maps & Search)

Finds nearby toilets and provides you with live status updates of detected spyware in private facilities.

Ping Function (Spy Camera Detection)

With a simple click of our camera function and a scan of your surrounding area, we will be able to utilise your smartphone camera to detect any traces of spyware in your area of privacy.


Potti stands for the baby toilet. It can be easily identified by the British population and can be an iconic name for the mascot. As it is already a popular word.
Using an easy name and a simple illustration can help users to feel less nervous and uncomfortable using the toilet as the general public can identify with the everyday toilet user and know that there is a way to get help when needed.

Chaehyeon Lee

A design with a focus on branding, advertising and editorial design.

Being an international student from Korea, studying and living in the UK has taught me different and unique design approaches and perspectives. I have studied Fine Art in high school which has given me a great foundation in drawing. I would describe my design style as minimal, yet bold and impactful and I enjoy creating design work that spreads positivity and raises awareness about social issues.

Final year project

Yeong / A Sustainable Coffee Shop

Work Experience

Design Intern at Every Matter (December 2019 - April 2020)

Graphic Design Intern at Filament (September 2019 - December 2020)