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For the FIXPERT project, myself and 2 others liaised with a client who has Ankylosing Spondylitis, where we worked towards fixing the issue of opening lower drawers. Due to the condition, our client struggled to bend over, so the opening of bottom drawers caused a lot of pain. We analysed the previous method he used to open drawers, looking for opportunities to improve this process. Throughout the project we held multiple meetings with the client, where we presented our solutions and received feedback and further suggestions.


The final outcome for the project resulted in an extending pole with a grabber on one end and a V-shaped hook on the other. The purpose of the hook is to open drawers while the grabber is used to pick up items out of the drawer. The V shape allows the user to open drawers with flat and round handles, this is so all types of drawers can be opened. The hook has also been developed to allow the user to scoop up water bottles from within the drawer. This is because the client's water bottles were stored in the lower drawers of the kitchen, so was a key issue he wanted the design to solve. Other features include a lightweight, telescopic shaft allowing the device to be compact and portable, along with a rubber lining on the inside of the V-shape to protect drawer handles from scratches.

UXathon 2020

For the UXathon 2020, my team and I spent a day designing a website for our client in Hong Kong who wanted an informative website about the problem of coral reefs disappearing, and how they aim to solve this problem with their product. Before designing the website, we drafted a site map and discussed our plans with the client to ensure we included every detail for the website they wanted. After confirming the layout we allocated workload to each member of the team, ensuring a consistent theme throughout.

Cerys Dunmow

I am a hard working individual who loves to learn and continuously improve. I believe that good design stems off of the feedback from users and that they should be considered at every stage of a project.

Throughout my final year, I completed two final year design projects. The first project looked at ways in which conversation around a dinner table could be improved. The aim of this project was to make dinner time more engaging by helping people stay off their phones so they could interact with each other more and form better connections.

The second project was a research study on face masks, which aimed to find out about public views on face masks and what qualities make a mask the most desirable.

I enjoy analyzing data and applying the knowledge gained from primary and secondary research into my projects. I would love to work for a company that implements user centered design principles and am particularly interested in user experience or video game design.

Final year project

Improving Conversation Around the Dinner Table


For the UXathon 2020, myself and 4 other designers took part in a day long competition where we designed a website for our client in Hong Kong. By spending the previous week planning and communicating with our client, we were awarded 1st place for the Best Client Relationship Award.

In 2019, I entered the International Student Design Challenge for the World Packaging Organisation where I designed a trophy. As a result, I was awarded 2nd Place.