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BO - Ideation Sketches

BO was a one-week project to "design a consumer or medical device that improves wellbeing". This project focused on stigmas, outdated beliefs and negative attitudes towards those with HIV. It’s imperative to offer alternative methods of testing. Impacts due to Covid-19 have disrupted the current system and there are many pain points for
the user when going for their routine check-up.

BO - Product Visualisation and Mobile App

This design proposal looks at creating discrete proactive blood testing kit for people with HIV aiming to improve wellbeing and monitor their condition. The device then uses Bluetooth to sync to the user's mobile application. Encrypted data is securely transferred to the User’s GP to also monitor their condition once every 3 months - this is in line with NHS testing guidance. From here, GPs are able to prescribe treatments virtually (without a physical consultation).

BO - Final Product Renders

By providing a discrete method for tests, it allows users who may be uncomfortable with the stigma to have an alternative method of monitoring their health. The main body of the device holds a single-use cartridge which is replaced after each use. Cartridge packaging securely seals potential biohazard after use and is sent to be disposed of.

VegDrop - Communal Eating Design Proposal

VegDrop is a product and service design proposal to bring communities closer together using a communal space to allow diverse urban agriculture, reduce food waste and promote healthier lifestyles. With Covid-19 affecting social interactions, this proposal looks to help and encourage communities to get back to their everyday lives in the future and tackle potential boundaries caused by the current pandemic.
- Submitted as part of an RSA brief.

Fully Automated AeroPress Coffee Machine

As part of a combined electronics and mechanics module, our group were given the challenge to create a fully automated coffee machine (by incorporating an AeroPress). The left was the initial visualisation from our group of 4 members and on the right is the finished final functional artefact.

Cameron Smith

I’m a passionate product designer who is driven by combining innovation, functionality and compelling forms to create meaningful and engaging user experiences.

My work focuses on real-world problems and how to overcome them. This could be through an engaging improved user experience or by taking pain points and research insights to make products more accessible and easier to use. For my final year design project, I focused on Dementia. This was due to a lack of innovation in the current market and a growing number of people each year being diagnosed. I am passionate about all stages within the design process - especially bringing an idea to life to overcome a problem.

Final year project

Early Stage Alzheimer’s Routine, Behaviour Monitoring and Management Device.


'17 - Joseph Parbutt Memorial Award for Engineering and Architecture.
'17 - VIth Form Award.
'20 - Top Five Finalist in Adobe Global UX Competition.
'20 - Australian Design Award for RS5100 (Placement)
'20 - Power Pack Patent Pursued (Pending - Placement)
'20 - Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

June 2019 - September 2020: Industrial Designer at Zebra Technologies.

For my placement year, I worked as part of a global design team at Zebra Technologies. It was extremely valuable and helped expose me to new sides of design (UX, Front End Development, Research and Human Factors) along with further developing my Industrial Design skills.