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Electronic & Mechanics - Coffee Machine

To develop my electronics and mechanic skills, I was part of a team that developed a working coffee machine as shown. It was produced with the user in my at all points providing an LCD that gave instructions and feedback depending on what the inputs were reading. The main features were a coffee feeder that could increase the strength of taste dependent on what the customer ordered and a distance sensor to inform the machine when a mug was present or not.

Live Projects - Improving Relations During the Pandemic

The live projects brief focused on improving relations, set after the recent events of the pandemic. I took inspiration from the huge market in house plants and the positive effect they have on peoples mental health. During these times people have felt disconnected and alone which this product combats. The smart plant pot not only monitors the status of your plants' health but is controlled by your nearest and dearest through a social network. Friends and family are in charge of looking after it and can leave messages and faces on the smart display for you to enjoy and be reminded of people who love and care!

Cameron Fillery

The design aims to inspire more people to use sustainable personal vehicles for micro-travel as it encourages a sharing battery system.

I have a strong passion for sustainable design and always aim to create products that are both beautiful and functional, whilst keeping an eye out for more environmentally friendly solutions. I was inspired to pursue my final year design project after recognising the need for a widely used mode of transport that can fulfil shorter trips in replace of petrol vehicles.

Final year project

A product to Increase Sustainable Micro-Travel Across the Urban Population.

Work Experience

I have been an international / Nike professional athlete for the past 5 years, covering my entire university education. Through this, I have worked as a freelance photographer looking to develop my creative skills across a wider set of software as well as the ones we taught along our degree. I believe this has given me a unique set of skills that are hard to come by through a normal day to day job such as; interpersonal communication, organisation and a high work ethic.