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Solli - Instagram Feed

The 'Solli' instagram account is a positive platform, populated with relatable content and fun filled illustrations.

Solli - Instagram Stickers

'Solli' creates a community by encouraging others to think about reaching out to isolated friends that they might not otherwise speak to.

Solli - Posters

A friendly and humorous character that features in both the physical and digital world, 'Solli' can also be seen out and about as a symbol of support and hope for life after the pandemic.

Men!ngitis - Symptom gif

Meningitis symptoms are made more memorable through distinct characters featured in moving posters and gifs.

Nua Seanchaí - Location Map

'Nua seanchaí' brings characters and legends such as 'Fionn Mac Cool and the Giant's Causeway', to life on location.

Cáitlin Winchborne

I am an enthusiastic and versatile designer with a talent for moving image, animation and visual storytelling.

As someone who has always had an interest in travel and a strong curiosity about the world around me, culture and communication inspire much of my work. I am fascinated by people and enjoy identifying and developing original and innovative ideas; whether it be for educational or entertainment purposes. I am a strong animator, a well-rounded designer and a creative problem solver who can adapt well to different briefs. Beyond the university, I aspire to be in a stimulating work environment to which I can make a meaningful contribution and which in turn nurtures and facilitates my professional and personal growth.

Final year project



Dissertation :
'Shining' a light on 'Carrie': An elucidation of the directors' presentation of the gifted lead characters of Brian de Palma's Carrie and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

Work Experience

In 2019, I was accepted to complete a study abroad placement at the Designskolen Kolding in Denmark. During that year I joined an international study trip to Shanghai where we were paired with Environmental Design students from Tongji University. Together we completed a service design project concerned with sustainability in the city. Throughout the month-long trip, I learned how to work with international team members and navigate teaching styles in a completely new country. I also gained strong leadership and team working skills and improved skills in Illustrator, Photoshop and 3d modelling software. Working with Environmental Design students broadened my overall design knowledge and understanding.

I completed work experience at Uffindell's office in London. During that time I experienced work in an office with members of the design team and completed short projects concerned with brand identity and graphic design. In turn, I understood the importance of business and brand image.