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Designed from the Inside-Out

Adi was designed from the inside-out, with a focus set on the internal firing mechanism from the start. Producing the dose syringe's movement using spring power to force air from one chamber to another around a u-bend allowed for a compact non-linear mechanism.


Sometimes size does matter. Those at risk of anaphylaxis rarely tend to carry their potentially life-saving device(s) with them despite the recommendations. A huge percentage of them put this down to the impractical shape and size of current products; hence why shape and size became such a focus throughout the development of this design.


This project has developed through a huge number of prototype iterations, from cardboard and glue to 3D printed components, to get to the point at which it stands now. Every component has been tested and developed to maximise Adi's efficiency and communication with the user.

Design Week

A week-long design task to enhance fitness with a product that can blend into the home, for which I developed a hidden wall-mounted cable machine for busy parents so that they might stay fit whilst they stay home. Using resistance bands rather than weights making it safer for the home and easier to install.

Blue Dot

A debit card system targeting young adults helps educate them on their personal carbon footprint based upon their purchases. Designed to inform them of their effect on the planet and motivate them to reduce it, as well as actually funding environmental organisations with every transaction.

Byron Langley

I am an incredibly energetic, hardworking, and fun loving individual with a real passion for technology, sport, and art, all of which contribute to my design work. I’ve never been one to just sit and watch, I always want to get involved and be part of the action; taking a hands-on approach to everything I do.

I'm continuously intrigued and impressed by the way in which design influences almost everything we do. Through my own design work, my aim is to create something that has the potential to genuinely better people's lives, whether it affects the way they think, do or feel.

The medical industry is a perfect example of how to design development can dramatically improve people's wellbeing; hence why I have decided to venture into it for this final project.

Final year project

Adi. - A simpler, smaller and safer adrenaline autoinjector


'20 Diploma in Professional Studies
'21 Design School Nominee - RSA Student Awards

Work Experience

'20 Sheridan&Co - A global retail design agency - Development Design Intern