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Unsteady I

Rotring Isograph on Bristol Board. (17.3cm x 17.3cm)
The beginning of a series of studies looking at the balance of shapes in order to create definition in the speed and direction of movement through experiments of tension.

Unsteady II (Repeated)

Digital Drawing on Cartridge Paper (31.4cm x 30cm)
The second, in a series of experiments to investigate balance and tension dynamics. Repeated in a grid to reflect subtle changes. Each tile is minutely different - nearly invisible to the eye.

Grid Test III

Gouache on Acetate and Graph Paper. (35cm x 35cm)
Part of a series of tests of presenting my work under grid formations in order to conceal elements from the viewer.

Bryony Amelia Mead

Drawing installations investigating psychoanalytical approaches to the self-manipulation of personality within differing social situations.

My practice investigates the concept of consciously and methodically altering aspects of the 'Self' in order to achieve perfection within different aspects of life. It reviews obsession with personal evolution and self-reflection, whilst referencing Platonian ethos of the self and mind, Gestalt Psychology and The 'Chameleon' effect to underpin consequences of an unstable sense of self. My drawings act as the equivalent of a screenshot of a video - a momentary glance at shapes and forms collapsing and regenerating in a reformed composition. Squares and triangles fall apart into lines, pivoting at the corners whereas, a circle must stay somewhat complete, representing the elements of self that are fundamental and unchangeable.

Final year project