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Packaging designs for a project encouraging young people to engage with the cinema again. These would be given out for free in town centres to advertise the event and celebrate individual aspects of the cinema. I illustrated two designs for each genre of film. One design had a famous character who symbolized the chosen genre and the other had a collection of objects related to famous films from that genre.

In The Land of the Giants

A piece in an illustrated trail for a speculative project aiming to make poetry more accessible. The images in the trail can be scanned by a smartphone or tablet to give insider knowledge into the poem or the poet. Each image has a digital reading that can be listened to when looking at the illustration.


Another piece in an illustrated trail for a speculative project aiming to make poetry more accessible and an example of how the interactive element works.

Bethany Holton

I specialise in illustration with a strong love for storytelling, colour and line. My style has been described as quirky, creative, and professional. I enjoy illustrating a variety of topics and chose to tackle several projects, all with different tones and subject matter.

I would love to combine my passion for reading and drawing by securing a job illustrating book covers with a view of freelancing as well. I gather inspiration from lots of sources ensuring my work is varied and fun. I am excited for the opportunities to come and would love to tackle a wide range of projects.

Final year project

Talking Turkeys