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Exploded view of the PERFORM device.

The Assembly of the device was worked out through iterative prototyping via 3D printing. Exploring different dimensions and clipping arrangements to find the best and most secure way bring the components together.

Connecting users phone to the PERFORM device via the dedicated application.

It was determined that the application should be minimal in the functionality offered to not distract from the lifting session, where timing can be crucial. The layout of the interface mirrors this, combining strictly key information required with intuitive and simple screen navigation.

DiAL - In shower entertainment management.

As music streaming services became mainstream, listeners are able to exactly choose what they listen to wherever they may be. In the shower is an ever-popular location with waterproof wireless speaker dominating the market. However, users once in the shower are reluctant to step out to change song, album or playlist, and will more often than not opt to stick with a track they wish they could skip. DiAL provides an interface to the user to manage what they listen to in the shower whilst also being a smart control for the shower itself, facilitating the control of temperature and water pressure with water-saving features.

Sketch evolution of DiAL.

The development of the DiAL device demanded a unique shape to minimize the effects of water on the interaction with the product. High contrast screens and retaining a physical control dial ensure a fresh, yet familiar user experience.

Benjamin Evans

A down to earth, results driven designer with an desire to learn new skills, in a quick and effective manner.

My work shows a solid foundation of knowledge and ability across many design areas, from UX interface layouts to 3D iterative prototyping. I am very confident in my ability to communicate ideas quickly through sketch. A skill that was vital to working in international teams on my placement year at LEGO, Billund. I am looking for opportunities in collaborative design teams, where my contributions will be valued while honestly critiqued, to further my growth as a designer. I have a particular interest in performance footwear design and the sports technology industry, but I am very open to looking at new and exciting career paths.

Final year project

PERFORM - A device aimed at preventing weightlifting injuries by promoting improved movement patterns via haptic feedback.

Work Experience

My time at LEGO was incredible. Working abroad resulted in a huge amount of personal and professional growth. As a prototype intern, I was part of a multidisciplinary team tasked with collaborating with a range of IP teams to generate early concepts and present them as prototypes, pitching them to the companies decision-makers across the globe. My biggest takeaway was the confidence that my ideas and abilities are valuable. I have seen how concepts I developed and proposed, were taken to market. It gives me real pride in what I have achieved and serves as a drive that pushes me to strive for better.