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A Moment in Time

‘A Moment in Time‘ is an illustrated fundraiser + wayfinding project for the UK charity ‘Help Musicians’. During the COVID-19 pandemic along with others in the creative Industries, musicians’ income and jobs have been taken from them. The project was aimed at a target audience of 25- 30-year-olds, who according to a BPI survey have been the age group with the biggest interest in classical and orchestral music during the first national lock-down, and therefore likely to donate to the charity. The Help Musicians UK charity will be the main body for the fundraiser using music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra as one example of the many musicians their donations would be helping.

A Moment in Time

Illustrated musicians on interactive screens in the underground would play a solo piece of music one at a time, to grab people’s attention and direct them to the Royal Albert Hall.

A Moment in Time

Once at the location, a person will receive a notification asking them to donate £5 to hear the musicians play. The animated orchestra would collectively play a well-known piece of film score music to attract attention (music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra). When the music ends, the next person has to donate to hear the next piece of music.

And Breathe...

‘And Breathe…’ is an anxiety and stress campaign aimed at 1st-year students starting at Loughborough University supported by the charity Student Minds. The project aims to reassure and make help more discrete and accessible to students both before they set off to university and whilst they are at university. The students will receive a ‘And Breathe…’ zine in the post during the summer before university begins, which will contain tips that may help to control anxiety and stress. The tips will relate to general anxiety as well as stress resulting from the pressures of being at university (social, workloads etc).

And Breathe...

The ‘And Breathe…’ characters will be introduced to the student within the zine, explaining that they should look out for them around campus if in need of university support or someone to talk to. The characters each display a discreet QR code that will take them to the universities’ support, wellbeing and inclusivity page where they can click on the relevant help needed.

Becca Pankiewicz

My work focuses on illustration, animation and experiential design, with a strong theme of storytelling running throughout. Using bold colour, line, texture and an element of fun, I enjoy designing for a large range of topics that are both current and important.

My strengths lie in my work as an illustrator and especially character design, which I enjoy applying to projects that have a positive impact on society- seeking to solve or at least help raise awareness about an issue - always looking at current situations to inspire the next design. I particularly enjoyed creating my final year animation ‘It’s Up To Us’ as it stresses the importance of climate change and our need to take action now.

In the future I hope to work in a creative agency, joining other like-minded designers to work on stimulating briefs that I can contribute my ideas. I am excited to build on my skillset and grow and develop my design process.

Final year project

It's Up To Us

Work Experience

Commissioned by Loughborough University's LUarts to design an illustrated cover design. The booklet is a guide for students wanting to get creative in their halls as well as being able to run and lead workshops.

Freelance work for the Met Office Meteorological Library and Archive, designing bookmarks and marketing material, as well as a new library display of the original Met Office HQ.