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Plastics Project - Plastic Perspective 2

The concept of the piece is to emphasise how plastics can easily be mistaken for coral within an ocean environment to the marine species. I wanted to create a work of art from the types of plastics which are affecting marine life, changing the properties so they are less recognisable. The viewers’ having to depict the types of materials used, draws their attention to the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Highlighting the Mundane - Plaster of Paris Study

Natural Architecture - Paper Manipulation, Crumpling Method

Natural Architecture - Geometric Paper Folded Form

Natural Architecture - Organic Form of Plaster of Paris

Beatrice Wadey

My approach to design is methodical yet experimental, through the use of new techniques.

I have a fascination with architecture and have always been drawn to building structures and their interior spaces. I often use them as inspiration and respond to their forms within my work, studying them from unique perspectives. Another strong influence in my work is nature and looking closely at its organic forms and overlooked details, which stimulate my design ideas.

I enjoy experimenting with new methods and techniques within my practice and adapting them in a new way in order to create a more personal response, incorporating other artist influences and methods as well.

Final year project

Natural Architecture