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Condimentum - Exploded View

An exploded view of my final year product, illustrating internal parts and how mechanical and electronics elements are developed within the product.


A collection of the final functional model alongside all the 3D prints that were attempted to get me there.

Functional Model

The functional model created for Condimentum which displayed a working prototype and demonstrates how mechanical and electronical functions work within the product.

Soffa Kondition

An Ikea inspired sofa that could transform into your personal home gym.

An Electro / Mechanical Coffee Machine

A fully functional coffee machine which used electronical and mechanical operations alongside a AeroPress to produce a cup of coffee.

Barnie Skinner

I am a designer who enjoys creating products not only to look the part but provide sophisticated solutions to everyday problems.

Being visually impaired, I find visualisation to be a key aspect when designing which I achieve through a variety of different mediums. CAD, being a personal favourite and I have developed skills to a high level enabling me to quickly produce a 3D model to assist me. Alongside this, I find 3D printing to be a great form of rapid prototyping, helping me visualise the product with a more hands-on approach. Having taken it for my optional module, I have become extremely experienced with this form of prototyping and have learnt the key aspects when designing for 3D printing.

Finally, I always find it rewarding when a product integrates mechanical and electronical components that tailor well to my skill set with programs such as Arduino, MP Lab and writing in C Code. Taking a concept on a page to a functional product, in reality, is the side of designing which I find most satisfying as it brings the products to life.

Inclusive design is an area that really intrigues me. This year I found designing a product suitable for all users to operate extremely rewarding. Therefore, it is an area I would love to earn more experience within.

Final year project

A Cooking Assistance for the Visually Impaired