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Circuit brain

This was an early test to convey the connection between the function and appearance of a brain and of computer circuit boards.

Annabel Inger

I like to work with a range of art medias when developing my ideas for a final piece which i then manipulate and refine until I have a unique end result which I find is more unpredictable than if I was to stick with one format.

I chose to create a silent book focussing on the growing separation of humans from reality due to the increase of technology. I wanted to research this topic as this is an interest of mine as it affects me personally, and noticeably the wider population too. I felt that a silent book would be the best format for conveying this message as each image has to be thought-provoking due to the lack of typography involved, making the viewer interpret what they see. Through previous projects, I have found that I like to work with a broad range of media to then refine and come up with a final result. I have demonstrated this in my final major project through my printmaking, Photoshop work, and hand-drawn illustrations, which have all been part of my process of development. I enjoy making art that serves a purpose, and in the future, I want to expand these ideas and bring about an impact with my work.

Final year project

Life Out Of Balance