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Laser Light Catcher (Red Lasers Incorporated into Aluminium Frame)

Constructed using an aluminium frame, two red laser diodes, acrylic mirrors and electronic components. Laser effect visible via the use of haze machine.

Programmed LED Matrix Panel - Installation Model

LED matrix panel using Arduino Uno. Link to youtube video available.

Copper Tower - Cloudscape Studio

Freestanding light art. Copper pipe structure with three LED filament-style bulbs.

Copper Cube - Cloudscape Studio

Table light art. Copper pipe cube structure with one LED filament-style bulb.

Brake Light - Cloudscape Studio

Bike brake rotor light art featuring LED filament-style tube bulb.

Andrea Pocock

Light artist working to explore the materiality of light through sculpture and installation.

Inspired by light, my art practice works to explore the materiality of this seemingly intangible medium. Light’s sculptural capabilities are exhibited through the artworks I create.

After experimentation with various light types, from programmable LED light matrixes to sculptures incorporating filament bulbs, my final degree show project uses lasers. This light source creates precise laser beams which are illuminated with smoke and manipulated using mirrors, this sculpturally exhibits the material of light. Suspended ring structures encapsulate the internally reflecting laser beams creating striking geometric star shapes. The laser beam’s ability to traverse space and create geometric patterns pushes the boundaries of art and works alongside the field of physics. The light installation demonstrates the power of laser beams, transforming the space into a breath-taking spectacle of light.

Alongside my experimental work with laser light, I strive to incorporate design art aspects into all of my artworks. My handcrafted lighting creations, which are functional light sculptures, show how the fields of art and design can intertwine. My business Cloudscape Studio currently focuses on the design and fabrication of unique light sculptures which are created to serve a practical function whilst being artistic works in their own right.

During my four years at Loughborough University, my art practice has developed dramatically from initial small scale sculptures to large scale light installation works. Inspired by the work of Anthony McCall alongside many other light artists/studios I have been encouraged to push boundaries and explore the possibilities of cross-disciplinary work.

Whilst my future plans are not set in stone, I am considering a few options: growing my already established business and continuing on the route of self-employment, studying a masters in Lighting design to enhance my subject-specific knowledge and skills further and/or looking for work in either a lighting consultancy/design company. Furthermore, my passion for higher education has opened my eyes to the possibility of working within a higher education institution working to inspire the next generation of artists, as my lecturers and tutors have inspired me.

Final year project


Work Experience

During my placement year, I opted to complete the Year in Enterprise, this placement option was offered by the university and facilitated students who wanted to set up their own business. I founded my business and became the director of Cloudscape Limited, a business which designs and handcrafts unique lighting creations.

Throughout the year I attended training days which helped build up my entrepreneurial skillset and grow my business. During the year I developed my business model, visited networking events, learnt how to keep accurate and up-to-date accounts, understood different ways to market my business, created a website, designed and manufactured lighting creations and completed commission work.

The year allowed me an insight into being self-employed whilst providing me with support from the university; this has helped me to become an independent entrepreneur with a start-up business which I am truly passionate about.

Alongside my artistic and business endeavours, I have worked for the university in various roles, throughout these experiences I have learnt that I have a passion for higher education. During my time at Loughborough University, I worked at the Accommodation Centre for the past three summers, offered tours and support on open/interview days as an Art Ambassador and as a University Student Ambassador I have offered wider university tours.

As well as these paid positions I also volunteered as a Student Course Representative in my final year of study which allows me to take forward the thoughts of my cohort to the members of staff. This role has allowed me an insight into the infrastructure of Loughborough University as an institute of higher education which has inspired me to potentially pursue a role working in higher education in the future.

During all of the above roles I have thoroughly enjoyed encouraging prospective students to attend university and also helping to shape current student experiences for the better.