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Triaxial Weave

Vibrant triaxial weave created using plastic vinyl and acetate.

Hexagonal Shadow and Reflection

The acetate areas of this woven piece create vibrant reflections whilst the leatherette hexagons create solid shadows.

Circular Shadow and Reflection

When natural light shines onto the interwoven circles, shadows and subtle reflections are projected beneath.

Hexagonal Triaxial Weave

Triaxial weave created using contrasting plastic pieces of vinyl and transparent acetates. The triaxial weave structure creates a bold hexagonal pattern within the design.

Triangular Shadow and Reflection

When the triaxial weave is combined with natural light, the acetate areas cast vibrant triangular reflections whilst the vinyl areas create solid shadows.

Amy Whalley

This project was inspired by mathematical principles, focussing on geometry, reflections and tessellating shapes. With an underlying concept of interconnection, my collection was designed to be displayed in busy public spaces to encourage re-engagement and interaction between society, after the disjoin caused by the Covid19 pandemic. The pieces in my collection showcase interlocking surface design created using modular fabric joinery techniques allowing my designs to be re-imagined by adding and taking pieces away. As well as modular textiles, my collection showcases a range of complex triaxial woven surfaces inspired by traditional basket-weaving techniques. Combining shape with a variety of transparent materials allowed me to introduce light and reflection into my final collection. Experimenting with colourful acetates and acrylics combined with natural light projects vibrant shadows and reflections around the space, adding an additional dimension to the environment.

Final year project

Tessellating Radiance


2020 Première Vision, Paris - Exhibiting Designer