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Final Show Selection


Oil painting and screenprint
Multi-media on canvas
120 x 160cm


Close-up of 'Glamour' magazine details.


Mid-process of 'Cosmopolitan' magazine cover.


Close up of 'Vanity Fair' magazine details.

Amy-Louise Byron

My multidisciplinary practice fuses together my passion for make-up artistry and contemporary portrait painting. Inspired by fashion magazine production, my practice has great investment in process. I foster my own method of production, by the use of background, props, hair and make-up, photography and editing, creating the source material for my paintings.

My experience on placement in a London photography studio allowed me to become immersed within the production of fashion magazines. Inspired by each element of the production, I play with techniques and manipulate features symbolic of fashion magazine covers, disrupting conventional representations.

Through embellishment of surface, torn up text and imperfect variations, a juxtaposition is created. From the traditionally high-polished, air-brushed and glossy magazine cover, to a rough, textured, unconventional illustration - creating a shift away from the literal, instead, aiming to communicate beyond the surface.

My process was paramount to this project. Rather than selecting one aspect that interested me, it allowed me to transfer each aspect of my creative ability onto canvas. Nurturing my passion for creative make-up, styling, photography, digital editing, screen-printing and painting into one, as well as reflecting my theme.

I feel the final project incorporates and showcases all of the technical skill that I have developed throughout my degree and placement. I will continue to be an artist whose style adopts a more current flair, aiming to employ these skills within a range of processes in a professional environment.

Final year project

Homage to Make-Up


'20 - Diploma in Professional Studies
'16 - Fashion Drawing Short Course Award, London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins, London.

'21 - Artist feature in 'Social Media and Creativity' Podcast by Feel Free Creatively.
'20 - Make-up artistry featured in German magazine Kaltblut.
'20 - Make-up artistry for editorial series ‘Exploring Isolation’ by photographer Nick Dale. Featured in online kid's fashion blog, Junior Style.

'19 - Landed Group Exhibition, Shirley Pearce Square, Loughborough, Leicestershire.
'16 - National Student’s Art Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London.

Work Experience

September 2019 - September 2020
Studio Assistant, Big Sky Studios, London.

During my placement year, I worked as a studio assistant for the London based photography studio, Big Sky Studios. This role required me to supervise a studio space, being the main point of contact for all types of clients on-set, such as producers, photographers, make-up artists, digital designers and more.

Clients would require guidance, information and additional equipment, it was my responsibility to provide efficient service. I had to ensure good knowledge of equipment and systems, as well as have good communication, time management and problem-solving skills. I was given additional training in departments such as lighting, digital, post-production and front of the house.

Across the year, I had the opportunity to be involved in some amazing shoots. Witnessing first-hand how creatives so established in their profession, work with their team on-set to achieve outstanding results.

The experience provided me with first-hand insights into behind-the-scenes production, aiding me in finding my position within the creative sector as well as developing and learning new technical skills along the way.