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Liquid Art Experiments

Using oil and water-based coloured liquids I have created these initial experiments which contain fluid organic shapes which I later went on to extract within my designs. Documented using a high-quality camera to capture the interesting shape and textures which I went on later to explore further within my design work. 1960s liquid light shows were my main inspiration for these experiments.

Expressive digital mark-making experiments

Exploration of expressive mark making compositions taken from initial imagery using various digital brushes and sizes which aided me to create exciting psychedelic experiments which I later went onto develop further in the design development process.

Digital Drawing

A selected digital observational drawing of my initial imagery of water found within nature using my enhanced psychedelic colour palette and fun flowing shapes.

Supporting Design

Supporting bright layered digital design exploring shape colour and texture, particularly inspired by liquid light shows.

Initial fluid photography

The starting point of this project was to collect individual visual research which I found from fluid shapes in nature. I then extracted interesting fluid marks from my photography to aid me in the design development process.

Alexandra Abell

This project is a contemporary couture collection that is inspired by fluid elements of 1960s Psychedelia to create expressive designs for young men that desire liberation from the societal constraints of gender stereotypes.

I aim to restyle menswear by giving the couture collection feminine elements, promoting freedom of expression for young men who are accept that the suppression of emotion is unnatural and unhealthy, and that strength can be conveyed through emotional expression, despite traditional views. I want my collection to be open minded, fluid and full of positive energy which is suggested by the bright bold colours that I have chosen.

Initial visual research is captured from water found within nature, which I then went on to explore and develop in a vibrant abstract way. By experimenting with layering, alteration of opacity, scale, colour and composition of various fluid shapes and textures I have been able to create contemporary psychedelic exciting outcomes. A positive atmosphere has been achieved with the use of bright bold colours and the liberation of breathable lightweight fabrics such as silk and chiffon. I am highly proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate. Photography is another passion of mine which I explore throughout this Fluid Psychedelia project. My main career aims are to carry on exploring the digital possibilities that the creative industry has to offer within textiles and have a career within this innovative sector.

Final year project

Fluid Psychedelia