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Final Major Project: Paper Manipulation

During the first few weeks of the project, I focussed on the manipulation of different material that I could use to later model or prototype ideas, here is an example of my paper manipulation inspired by Richard Sweeney.

Final Major Project: Paper Manipulation 2

Final Major Project: Paper Manipulation 3

Final Major Project: Metal Manipulation

Coming back from the Easter Break, I was able to get some time in the metal workshop to test the properties of some scrap metal and also see what I could do with their unique properties.

Final Major Project: Metal Manipulation 2

Alexander Zowonu

For the greater half of the foundation course, I've been working from home using the same few materials and the same few construction techniques, so to step out of the comfort zone I've been in the last few months. My new design approach for my final major project is to experiment with new materials, different workshops and expand my horizon.

My final major project has been heavily influenced by the fact that my current year has been consistently hindered by lockdowns and restrictions and the knowledge that I'll be studying Industrial Design next year, so this is my last chance to explore my own potential at something new with the only consequence being new experiences. Therefore I set myself the task of expanding my understanding of materials I haven't worked with before, testing the limits of how objects can be manipulated, formed and combined building on the practical making skill I'd previously acquired along with appreciating the various paths my project might take on the 9.5-week journey to create my Experimental Vessel(s)

Final year project

Experimental Vessel


Part of the Connections Postcard Project, our foundation course partnered with students from the Joshibi University Art and Design school, exploring what connections meant to us in this difficult time. This brief was given out to each specialism 3D design, Fine Art, Visual Communication and Textiles & Fashion and from that one-week project and handful of postcards were selected by the students from Joshibi. My postcard titles 'Euclidean Travel' was selected by Kotomi and during a Teams call with several other foundation students we were able to answer questions and present our work to the students on the other side of the world. Our work is also being held at their virtual exhibition https://www.lboro.ac.uk/schools/sdca/connections/