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Safe Swim - Child Swimming Safety Device

A second-year project showing the eventual final hero shots; Safe Swim is a device used to alert a lifeguard when a spike in heart rate is monitored, signifying a user in danger. The product notifies the location of the alert to the poolside lifeguard. They are then aware and vigilant that if the condition were to worsen, they can intervene and help reduce the likelihood of a pool based fatality. The product is a safety targeted device for users who identify as weak swimmers. Particularly challenging, was to create a design that children were fond of. This challenge helped teach me the importance of empathetic design, to truly create products that the target market needs.

Safe Swim - Child Swimming Safety Device

This demonstrates some of the ideation and development processes for the ‘Safe Swim’ project. Initially, a wide variety of designs were explored however most initial ideas were non-ergonomic and uncomfortable. This was particularly evident when conducting low-fidelity foam prototyping, highlighting that the underside face (contacting a user's wrist) must be open and semi-circular for maximum comfort.

ORB - Multi-generational Cooking

A group-based project called 'ORB' was designed as a product to provide greater cross-generational mixing through families love of food and cooking. The product would be used in and around mealtimes as a digitally powered, holographic projection. The projection would physically conduct the steps, mimicking a current 2D recipe. The projection is shown through a selected character/personality who appears as though they are in the kitchen, cooking along with the family.

ORB - Multi-generational Cooking

The feature renders and scenario of use for the project 'ORB' show the product's versatility. The product has the ability to use projections both professionally (through the selection of a chef) or in a more light-hearted/fun way to appeal to children (by selecting a cartoon character). The scenario highlights that due to the portability of the product, it could later be converted from a sole kitchen based one to that of an entertainment device within an alternate room of the home.

Home Scan

Home scan is a two-person physical movement pregnancy scanner. The aim is to better include the non-baby carrying partner into the pregnancy process, using modern technology (AI). It ensures the process is undertaken in an accurate and stress-free manner. The project brief enabled the incorporation of futuristic technology into the core of the design. This image demonstrates the full process of use, with careful consideration for the touchpoints and interactive elements.

Alexander Priestley

I love the opportunity to demonstrate my creativity following a rigorous and carefully crafted design process, converting my ideas into feasible solutions to improve quality of life.

The main final year project enabled me to demonstrate my deep-rooted passion for both design and sport.

The challenge was to create an improved stadium-based spectator product, encompassing a flawless interchange between standing & seating through a fully automated elevation system. It was targeted to users with limited physical capabilities due to age or impairment.

The project adopted a double diamond structure, highlighting the importance of rigorous data collection to create evidence fuelled insights, legitimising the eventual design. The evolving challenge became the critical tension between aesthetics and function, but my self-motivation and drive to complete enabled me to embrace this.

My second-year project ‘Safe Swim’ equally embodied my desire to make a positive change. The product was created to identify changes in heart rate to alert a user in danger.

Conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of adaptation and versatility were critical. With an inability to conduct high-fidelity modelling, it necessitated a heavily CAD-based focus, requiring me to quickly learn and embrace, a hitherto undeveloped skill.

The group-based project (ORB) saw the creation of a holographic kitchen aid, encouraging cross-generational mixing, with the kitchen as the fulcrum of the home. The grouped aspect taught me the importance of allowing other members to demonstrate their viewpoints whilst equally possessing the self-confidence to embrace leadership as and when required.

My drive to achieve saw me undertake a personal graphical project to create a commemorative sporting shirt design, enabling me to develop my sketch rendering. The transferable skills learnt, provided an additional and complementary dimension to my final year project.

The next stage of my career will enable me to utilize and further develop the skills learnt in a commercial environment. Above all else, I want to continue to challenge myself, pushing my personal boundaries within a culture that values and embraces my input.

Final year project

A Stadium Based Spectator Product


Shortlisted for the Starpack Design competition awards 2019
Year 12 School Prize: Design & Technology
School year 13 senior team (Prefect)
A-Levels - Design & Technology: Product Design (A*), English Literature (A), Geography (A)

Work Experience

2017 and 2019 (Summer Intern) - Tapi Carpets and Floors - Floorcovering retailer (Design, Marketing and Finance Departments)
As an intern at Tapi Carpets and Floors head office, I was exposed to a variety of differing disciplines. Helping to formulate a marketing leaflet drop, was my first direct exposure to creative software, igniting a passion and love for design. The importance of time management was critical; specifically in relation to allocating slots to differing parallel ongoing projects. A drive to achieve is essential, particularly when tight deadlines are involved.

2016: Hazelwood Lawn Tennis Club (Summer Term Placement)
I had the opportunity to teach children and learnt how to successfully work as part of a team to delegate work evenly, particularly relevant for future group-based projects.

2017 – 2019: AFA Football Referee for Under 11 Football League
I learnt the importance of being decisive and confident with my decisions.