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Thermal 1, 2 & 3.

Using thermal heat reactive technology, I captured this series that documents digital life and the obsessively frequent use of social media. As well as this, the images interconnect with the five verbs I use throughout my project, signalling the stains we leave on our machines by capturing, with thermal technology, the markings we create whilst using our phones.

Performance - Scroll, Swipe, Press, Hold, Tap.

A performance I created using the five verbs to shape and mold unfired clay. These are particular stills that capture important elements of my piece.

You Tap, We Tap, We Tap Together.

Video - Machine, Body and Movement

A video performance created using thermal technology to record the heat-sensitive markings that echo the hand movements we use whilst on mobile technology.

Body Scans Holding my Phone

Body Scans created whilst holding my phone to signify the consistent screen attachment present within contemporary society.

Alexa Dickel

My individual artistic approach values concept over aesthetic, meaning my work is fuelled by subjective experience and the endeavours of everyday life, incorporating multimedia.

My practice is situated within the era of technological screen addiction, therefore the major focus is on the relationship between machine, body and movement. Considering this, I use ceramics, video, photography and text to display the metaphorical stains we leave on our machines. My strengths lie within the contemporary digital world, which requires being open-minded and progressive with the ever-changing technological world. Developing skills and understanding in a range of multimedia processes, my interests lie within the photographic industries as well as the contemporary fine art networks.

Final year project

Machine, Body and Movement