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Spread From the Book About Eczema.

This spread shows Rudi after going through their skincare routine with cream and wet wraps on. They are feeling better after the skincare steps, this shows the children reading the book that it will help them if they do the same as Rudi.

Spread From the Book About Difference

This spread is in the middle of the pages where the dogs are discussing what Pom's fur looks like, in this one, they compare it to curly noodles.

Page From the Book About Difference

This page is taken from the part when the dogs realise that Pom does the same things (knowing bones) and acts the same as them. They then realise that she is exactly the same as they are and that she just looks different.

Adelaide Radbourne

I am enthusiastic and love bringing my ideas to life which I hope come across in my work! My design approach is fun and imperfect. I like to be experimental with mixed media to create an organic hand-made look.

The two projects shown are children's books both tackling an issue. "My Itchy Scratchy Skin" is for children with the skin condition Eczema, explaining and describing the negative feelings associated with it and the skincare routine. The aim is to give the children something to relate to and not feel less alone. My other project is about a poodle called Pom, who is being left out by the other dogs because she looks different. The theme is 'difference' and that it is okay to look/ feel different. I think my strengths are that I try to be experimental and 'think like a child' when illustrating, and telling a story through images. My career aims are to create a meaningful entertaining illustration for children.

Final year project

Children's Book Illustration