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These are my final static mockups, kinetic versions are currently in development.

Big Bear Street Wear

Big Bear is a clothing brand concept that was going to be a third-year project but instead I have been developing the brand as a personal venture, as of right now I am currently sourcing ethically sustainable fabrics for testing.

Big Bear Poster Concept

Adam Rutherford

Various media and software to overcome problems and appease desired demographics.

Throughout my time at Loughborough University, I've struggled to really pinpoint what my strengths are, before enrolling on the course I had little to no experience in design apart from some photoshop work. So what is my speciality? As I've progressed through the university, I continuously try and answer that question.

When I take on a project the first thing I ask myself is what can I learn from this? What are the opportunities this presents me? I have explored many disciplines within design such as Branding, Animation, Atmospheric Design, Marketing, and UI design which I use to create products, services, or campaigns that help to solve problems, inspire, or improve the lives of a select audience for the better.

WavFinder x WavFest is a project which I feel best sums up my experience at Loughborough in terms of what I have learnt, what I'm best at, and what obstacles I have overcome.

Final year project

WavFinder x WavFest