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ITHERAPY is a device designed to improve mood disorders including headaches. It is mainly using electrical stimulations targeting particular spots around the skull. It also includes a pair of earphones while are connected to each other via a retractable wire. The reason the retractable wire was chosen to apply more pressure for the neck collar again the back of the neck, therefore, ensuring results. A retractable wire also improves the portability of the device. The reason music was included in this device is due to its results in improving mood disorders in the past. The device will be controlled from an app with three different levels of stimulations and a list of selected music to calm the user.


This is the device when the retractable cables are back in place. This ensures the electromagnetic pads are pushing against the neck for the device to work. This also makes the device more portable to carry around daily tasks.


Here is the device in action. As you can it seems pretty comfortable to wear and effective hitting the spots the pads are targeting for the device to be effective. The user will be able to control the music and the strength of the electromagnetic waves.

Achment Sarara

I'm Achment Sarara, and I am a final year student at Loughborough University studying product design & technology.

Seeing people use well-designed products brings me joy and drives my passion for Product Design. I have always had a sharp eye for spotting design flaws and been intrigued by how products can be improved. Being a Product Designer will give me the opportunity to flex my creative nouse and allow me to deliver innovative solutions to a variety of problems. Keen to apply my technical and workplace skills within an exciting industry-related role.

Final year project

Auto-Protect Surface Disinfectant

Work Experience

As part of my degree, I did a placement year in industry working for a company called Molton Brown. I was hired by the packaging design team and developed a huge amount of experience in packaging and sustainable design. My main role was researching the market and developing concept proposals which are then taken forward. I had an excellent contribution to the department and helped me understand the importance of accuracy and precision in design.